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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

Our passionate team of development chefs work round the clock to create a host of exciting new products inspired by emerging food trends from across the globe … so watch this space!

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Do you have a question for us? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to see if we’ve covered off your query.

For all media and PR enquiries, please contact Adelie@mercieca.co.uk.


Talk to Us

Do you have a question for us? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to see if we’ve covered off your query.

If you would like to place or amend an URBAN eat order, please contact our Sales Order Processing team by calling 0333 003 7843 (Option 1) between 07.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday.

For any delivery queries, please call 0333 003 7843 (Option 2) between 07.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday.

For any other questions about URBAN eat, please contact our Customer Services team by completing the contact form below, or by calling 0333 003 7843 (Option 2) between 07.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday.

For all media and PR enquiries, please contact Adelie@mercieca.co.uk.

Frequently asked questions

Please get in touch with us and one of our experienced sales team will discuss your requirements and create an account that is unique for you

Please call 0333 003 7843  (Option 1) between 09.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday.



We distribute our products nationally and they can be found in a variety of locations such as local convenience stores, service stations, many travel operators, universities, hospitals, airports and train stations.

Have a look at our ‘Who We Are’ page on the URBAN eat website to find the closest stockist near you!


URBAN eat brand does not have a set RSP price list. It is the responsibility of our customers to determine the prices at which they wish to sell the products, of our manufacture, on to their customers and end users.

URBAN eat has multiple ranges suitable for different diets like Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Vegan and Halal.

Gluten Free:

Our delicious sandwich thins, wraps, rolls and salads have been specially developed to be gluten free with absolutely no compromise on quality and flavour. Each batch of gluten free products produced is tested using a gluten rapid kit and we periodically send finished products off for gluten testing at our external laboratory.

At current we have the following products in this range:

  • Harissa chicken gluten free wrap
  • Falafel & Red Pepper Houmous Gluten Free Wrap
  • Egg Mayonnaise Gluten Free Sandwich
  • Chicken Pesto Gluten Free Roll
  • Sweet Potato Falafel & Tabouleh Salad
  • Rainbow Chicken Salad


Our ‘Roots’ range includes a selection of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches and wraps with punchy flavours, colourful packaging and quirky names. All products under the ‘Roots’ brand are approved by The Vegetarian Society.

This range includes:

  • Bhaji Bonanza
  • Feta the Better
  • Shabby Chic Pea
  • Mozza Ella Ella
  • Rocket Eggs
  • The Beet Goats On
  • Devilish Egg Wrap
  • A’Mezze-Ing Wrap
  • Beany McBeanface Wrap


Our halal range is certified by the Halal Food Authority Board (HAB) ensuring that the sandwiches below satisfy the Halal diet requirements.

  • Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • Bombay Chicken Sandwich
  • Piri Piri Chicken Sandwich
  • Red Thai Chicken Wrap
  • Bombay Chicken & Potato Wrap


Check out out Special Diets pages for more information: https://www.urbaneat.co.uk/special-diets/

All products in all URBAN eat ranges use free range eggs and free range egg products.

All of our products are clearly labelled with allergy advice, while our manufacturing sites are nut free, we cannot guarantee that the product is nut and nut residue free, since we do not conduct testing for this. We do however risk assess our raw materials, suppliers and our own operations to determine that we do not need to declare the presence of nuts or the risk of cross-contamination from nuts. Our raw material   specifications detail allergens in the product formulation, and requests controls for risks from allergens handled on suppliers’ sites.

However some of the component ingredients we handle may have been produced in an environment where nuts are present. The distribution centre and depots handle third party items that contain nuts e.g. muffins and cakes – these items are delivered and handled in fully sealed packaging; the risk to sealed finished product from these is deemed to be low.

Palm oil is present as palm oil fractions in the vegetable spread and sliced sandwich breads used in the manufacture of our products. Palm oil is vital for spread production as it is a “hard oil” with good crystallising tendency which provides the spread with structure. The palm oil present in the bread is sustainable and comes from a supplier who is a member of the RSPO.

All of our factories are approved by the Halal Food Authority Board (HAB). The Halal Food Authority approve the raw material for use by reviewing the suppliers and specifications and issue a certificate of authenticity against each product. URBAN eat products are not Halal unless specified and certified with the Halal logo on the packaging.

There is no risk of cross contamination between Halal and Non halal lines as each line is cleaned down between products and a newly washed set of equipment used on each product produced.

The raw chicken is clearly labelled upon delivery, it is quarantined and issued to production as required in order to control any potential for cross contamination. Halal products are made first after deep clean and once finished not revisited – as such there is no risk that any standard product could get mixed with Halal products.


Red wine Vinegar:

We are aware that red wine vinegar is a sub component of raw materials that we use within our Halal range. As mentioned above, all our raw materials are approved prior to use by the Halal Authority Board who certify both our products and sites for the manufacturer of our Halal range. The wine vinegars and spirit vinegars have a residual alcohol level of 0.5% in the raw material and in turn when incorporated into the finished product would be negligible at 0.05% overall.

The process to obtain vinegars is natural and is not intended to be made to produce alcohol, residual alcohol is a by-product of the fermentation process. Due to this process and the negligible levels of alcohol it has been approved by HAB; thus Halal.


Adelie Foods Kilmarnock Halal Certificate 2017

Adelie Foods Wembley Halal Certificate 2017

Adelie Foods Southall Halal Certificate 2017

Our products do not contain hydrogenated fats and our materials don’t contain hydrogenated vegetable oils. Any Trans fats that are present in the products will be naturally occurring, so they will only be present in the materials we purchase and will only be present at low levels.

Adelie Foods ensure that the methods of handling and slaughter of birds for chicken products are designed to maximise animal welfare. All chicken used in URBAN eat branded products is compliant with current WASK (Welfare of Animals Slaughter or Killing) Regulations.

This means that the chickens have been reared in accordance with the strict ‘5 Freedoms’ animal welfare guidelines and are treated humanely at the point of slaughter.  All birds are hand-calmed by trained staff to ensure they are relaxed when they enter a high frequency stun bath. They are rendered immediately unconscious upon entering the water, ensuring they do not feel any pain during the remainder of the process.

The recyclability of our packaging is indicated by the following symbols printed on the packaging: –

  • Widely recycled (75% or more of UK local authorities collect that type of packaging)
  • Check local recycling (between 20% and 75% of UK local authorities collect that type of packaging)
  • Not currently recycled (fewer than 20% of UK local authorities collect that type of packaging)

We do our best to use packaging from sustainable sources, for example all the board we use is FSC/PEFC certified from managed forestry stock and therefore sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Yes, we use plastics where we need to because we believe it best protects our products, helps us maintain freshness, quality and taste of our delicious products whilst reducing food waste.

Over 70% of the plastic we use has recycled content and can be further recycled. Sadly, a small proportion of the plastic we use, such as flow wrapping film, is not currently collected by the local authorities so unfortunately it is not currently recyclable.

Our vehicle fleet is specified and operates to higher standards of emissions than that required for the class of vehicle to qualify for low-emissions zone. We currently use Euro 5/6 engines which are environmentally friendly and are looking to get electric vehicles to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our delivery vehicles are serviced and maintained to ensure they remain environmentally efficient. We follow through with this by using a vehicle routing software to assess the most efficient delivery routes, and target maximum vehicle utilisation through route consolidation. Where practicable and possible we deliver our products using returnable transit packaging (RTP – usually plastic crates) which can be used for multiple trips and require less energy consumption. We make sure to monitor mpg per class of vehicle on a monthly basis to reduce mileage; thus reduce our vehicle fleet’s carbon emissions.

Overall we have reduced CO2e (tonnes equivalent CO2) emissions (by utilising these methodologies) by a total of 306 tonnes (3.25%) across the Group, year on year.

We also have Safed training (safe and fuel efficient driving) in place for our drivers to provide them with the knowledge and skills to follow through with our carbon emission scheme. All vehicles include tracking devices and our drivers driving behaviour is monitored to ensure that our processes are fulfilled.

Our finished products are all manufactured in the UK and we follow this base code in our factories i.e.

  • Employees are free to work with us if they choose
  • Free to join trade unions
  • Working conditions are hygienic and safe
  • Wages are paid according to UK legislation
  • Working hours are defined within the EU working directive and are not excessive
  • We do not discriminate nor treat our employees in a manner that is in humane or offensive
  • We do not employ child labour
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