Our Ranges


A variety of popular flavours as well as our monthly special for consumers looking for something a little bit different.

Posh Nosh

These are the very best sandwiches we create. With only British meats and cheese we ensure that they are well filled, using the best Farmhouse breads and luxury packaging, providing you with the finest lunch around!

Eat Better

A range of delicious foods which will help consumers make a healthier choice, whatever their dietary or lifestyle needs. Every product has at least one green and no red traffic lights with other nutritional benefits clearly displayed on pack. Don’t just eat . Eat better

No Fuss

Straightforward sandwiches and rolls designed to satisfy simple tastes and smaller budgets.


A selection of vegetarian & vegan sandwiches and wraps with punchy flavours, colourful packaging and quirky names. All products are approved by the Vegetarian Society.