Tuna mixed with creamy free range mayonnaise and crisp sweetcorn in gorgeously soft slices of white bread. Our Tuna Mayonnaise is part of our No Fuss range which is great for Adults and Children who enjoy a simple sandwich without all the fancy bits on the side.
Energy PER 100G

838kj / 199kcal

PER Pack 1316kj / 312kcal
Fat PER 100G 4.5g PER Pack 7.1 g
(of which saturates) PER 100G 1g PER Pack 1.5 g
Carbohydrate PER 100G 27.5g PER Pack 43.2g
(of which sugars) PER 100G 1.9g PER Pack 3.0g
Fibre PER 100G 2.1g PER Pack 3.3 g
Protein PER 100G 11.0g PER Pack 17.2g
Salt PER 100G 0.9g PER Pack 1.3 g

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