Mozzarella with slow roast tomato basil pesto mayonnaise, rocket and tomato on softgrain bread.
Vegetarian     | Sandwich
Energy PER 100G

990kj / 237kcal

PER Pack 1792kj / 429kcal
Fat PER 100G 13g PER Pack 23. g
(of which saturates) PER 100G 4.1g PER Pack 7.4 g
Carbohydrate PER 100G 20.7g PER Pack 37.5g
(of which sugars) PER 100G 2.6g PER Pack 4.7g
Fibre PER 100G 1.7g PER Pack 3.1 g
Protein PER 100G 8.4g PER Pack 15.2g
Salt PER 100G 0.9g PER Pack 1.5 g

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