Wide variety of vegetarian sandwiches, including:
  • Egg & Watercress: Free range egg mayonnaise with free range hard boiled egg and watercress on malted wheatgrain bread.
  • Cheddar and slow roasted tomato salad: Cheddar cheese with tomato, red onion, slow roast tomato mayonnaise and salad leaves on softgrain bread.
  • Harissa houmous & falafel: Sweet potato falafel with Harrisa houmous, chickpeas and chargrilled peppers on malted wheatgrain bread.
  • Bombay egg & Mango Chutney: Bombay egg and coriander with mango chutney on Farmer's bread.
  • Feta, Olive & Slow Roast Tomato Pesto: Greek Feta cheese with Kalamata olives, slow roasted tomato mayonnaise, chargrilled peppers and salad leaves on Farmer's bread.