Tender pork and beef meatballs with delicious pieces of Mozzarella, Cheddar cheese, lashings of creamy bechamel sauce, helpings of a rich tomato sauce and slow roasted tomatoes in a ciabatta.
Pork     Beef     | Hot Eat

Health & Nutritional value

Energy PER 100G

892kj / 212kcal

PER Pack 2123kj / 505kcal
Fat PER 100G 8.3g PER Pack 19.8 g
(of which saturates) PER 100G 3.4g PER Pack 8.0 g
Carbohydrate PER 100G 24.3g PER Pack 57.8g
(of which sugars) PER 100G 2.1g PER Pack 5.1g
Fibre PER 100G 1.5g PER Pack 3.6 g
Protein PER 100G 9.4g PER Pack 22.3g
Salt PER 100G 1.3g PER Pack 3.0 g