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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

Our passionate team of development chefs work round the clock to create a host of exciting new products inspired by emerging food trends from across the globe … so watch this space!

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A Weeks Healthy Eating for Work

It’s common knowledge that trying to prepare inexpensive and healthy meals and snacks to keep you going through the working week is near impossible. However well our intentions start off we always end up with crisps, chocolate and cakes loaded into our shopping baskets. Well, fret no longer as here is a foolproof guide for a weeks worth of balanced meals that won’t cost the earth.


Kick the week off well with a dose of super foods in the form of blueberries to snack on through the morning to avoid the urge to snack on chocolate. These little blue beauties are also rich in anti-oxidants therefore helping to fend off any of the obligatory office germs. For lunch treat yourself to a fresh soup packed full of goodness. Physiologically eating something warm at lunchtime keeps you feeling full and content for longer whilst also getting a fair few of your five a day into your diet in one easy meal.

Tuesday is always a strange one. It’s not as bad as ‘blue Monday’ but also not close enough to the weekend to get in the party spirit. Start the day with a creamy yoghurt, granola and fruit compote which although mega waistline friendly, feels like a treat. For lunch why not try and pre-prepare a grilled chicken and pesto wrap with sundried tomatoes. The protein will give you an energy lift whilst being rammed with flavor, win win!

Officially the middle of the week is reason to celebrate in our book. For breakfast pick at a mixed fruit pot whilst tackling those emails. By grazing on fruit you can be guilt free whilst also getting some precious vitamins. For lunch treat yourself to one of the best forms of comfort food, a savoury pasty. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic steak slice or a spicier flaming cheese one, the pastry will be the midweek luxury that will spur you on to Friday afternoon.

The further through the week we get the more tempted we get to pop down to the corner shop for some naughty snacks. You must resist! Get yourself a couple of handy snack pots to sort out hunger pangs. Treat yourself to something gourmet like stuffed olives or vegetable crudités with houmous, after all you’ve worked hard this week. Stick with the wholesome theme and create a mouthwatering salad for lunch with prawns, tuna or chicken to give you some essential omega 3 and protein.

Well done you made it to Friday! Let yourself have a treat day to celebrate the imminent weekend. You’ll probably find you gravitate more towards the yoghurt, fruit and salads you enjoyed throughout the week, especially as you try and complete this regime more often, however one chocolate bar wont hurt!

Photo Credit: SodanieChea via Compfight cc