An URBAN eat Guide to Summer Jobs

OK, so the summer’s nearly over.  You’re feeling tanned, relaxed, happy, and looking forward to your next full on year at Uni. I imagine the last thing on your mind is finding a summer job for 2013, but believe me when I say that all the best summer jobs and internships fill up FAST.

Getting in there early is the secret to bagging a summer job that allows you to earn a decent wedge whilst gaining serious brownie points with the ‘rents and some much needed skills and work experience.

Here’s our guide to the top 5 summer jobs for 2013:

Festival Work

No major festival could function without stewards, security, catering and other staff.  If you like working with large crowds of people and fancy spending your time listening to live bands and soaking up the festival atmosphere (duh, who wouldn’t?) then this could be the summer job for you.

Summer Camps

There will be hundreds of kid’s summer camps going on throughout the UK during 2013, most of which have a specialism such as TEFL or outdoor activities.  They welcome applicants to undertake a variety of tasks from cooking and cleaning to outdoor sports instruction.


Internships offer a valuable foot in the door to some of the largest employers in the UK.

Here at URBAN eat we have welcomed our interns with open arms and as many sarnies as they can eat – life for them is unlikely to get much better than this.

Fruit Picking

Picture the scene: A lush green orchard stretching as far as the eye can see, hot sunshine, free accommodation and a delicious home cooked food at the end of each day.  There is a bit (lot) of manual effort involved, but the money usually more than compensates.

Life Guarding

If you have RLSS qualifications, and have been CRB checked you are already in prime position to bag yourself one of the hottest summer jobs out there.  Perks include sitting in a very high chair all day, the possibility of having to give mouth to mouth to hot girls/boys and free swimming!

Photo Credit: Wayne National Forest via Compfight cc