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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

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URBAN eat Blog of the Month: Well Worn Whisk

It’s time to share our favourite blog of the month with all our URBAN eat readers. Last month we brought you Culinary Canvas, and Kitchen Shed before that, we truly hope you enjoyed the blogs as much as we did. This month we place our focus on a wonderful family food blog run by Rachel; the Well Worn Whisk blog.

We love this blog, not only because Rachel shows us how to create wonderful, nutritious homemade food, but she shows you that simple, quick meals don’t have to be boring and you can get creative any day of the week, no matter how busy you are! Rachel shows us how to take advantage of leftovers and turn them into a whole new dish, and how to sneak lots of nutritious veg into your meals, to make sure your family is getting all the vitamins they need while still enjoying a tasty meal.

We got in touch with Rachel to ask her a few questions, and here’s what she had to say:

  1. What inspired you to start your blog?

I started it on a complete whim one Sunday afternoon when my son was just a baby. I think I was looking for a creative outlet. I had no grand plan or anything. The first photos and recipes were rubbish!

  1. Where do you find inspiration for recipes?

I have lots of cookbooks, I subscribe to magazines, I watch cookery shows on TV. Mostly nowadays though I try to think from my own perspective, what are my pain points as a busy mum trying to put delicious but wholesome homemade food on the table for my family? If I can think of easy recipes that fit the bill, then that usually is the start of my ideas. I’ll adapt dishes to make them easier or healthier – or quicker.

  1. What is your favourite recipe in your blog and why?

I honestly don’t have a favourite. I don’t tend to revisit them that often as I try to come up with new ones all the time. Actually, saying that, I do make a mean One Pot Mac and Cheese (I recently posted a very quick version of the recipe).

  1. What would be your dream destination regarding food? 

My husband and I have never been to Thailand – and we are desperate to go. We’d like to take the kids too, but we’re waiting till they’re a bit older. We went to Malaysia before we had kids and the food markets at night were the stuff of foodie dreams!

  1. What was your most spectacular kitchen fail?

There are too many to mention! I am just a normal home cook. Remember not everything I make goes on the blog; there are loads of humdrum or badly executed meals that you don’t see!


We hope you love this blog as much as we do, visit www.wellwornwhisk.co.uk to see for yourself. Get in touch if you know any other bloggers out there who deserve a mention, simply comment below with your thoughts and don’t forget to tune in next month where we reveal the next URBAN eat blog of the month.