The Ultimate Roast Potato Recipes

With Christmas next week, we have taken it upon ourselves to find you three choices to make you feel as if you have the ultimate roast potato. Unarguably, the roast potato can make or break the Christmas Dinner. No-one likes a soggy undercooked potato on their plate and we are here to save you from this scenario. So we have come up with the ultimate roast potato recipes for you to click away at, enjoy!


1. Jamie Oliver’s Perfect Roast Potatoes

So Jamie Oliver is a safe way to go, that also avoids goose fat to make your roast potatoes slightly healthier too.


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2. BBC Good Food’s Ultimate Roast Potato Recipe

This recipe is perfect for those who like the original perfect roast potato recipe. With super crisp potatoes on your plate, your Christmas dinner is sure to go down a treat.

Potatoes 2

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3. Nigella’s Perfect Roast Potatoes

These potatoes are for those who don’t care about the fat, and just want that ultimate crisp potato. Those who are seeking a beautifully soft inner with an amazing crunch on the outside should go for these.

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We hope we helped you find your ultimate roast potato recipe, and would love to hear how your potato baking skills went this Christmas! Be sure to tweet or send us a photo on Facebook for us to see.