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Top 10 Healthy Halloween Treats & Recipes

Bored of just eating candy coated goodness at Halloween?

All holidays give us an excuse to eat many sweet treats without feeling too guilty (come New Year we’re all going to start dieting anyway…or at least attempting to!) and Halloween is no exception!

This Friday, little children will be going trick or treating with their buckets filled with sugar coated goodness (mmm sugar). However, you may reach a stage where you say enough is enough with all that sweetness (children will definitely not say this), and you opt for an alternative. This is where I come in; because I’m a responsible adult and I am here to share with you my top 10 healthy Halloween treats.

Not only are these good for you, but they all seem quite fun to make, so grab a child because they would probably enjoy creating these too! (Not just a random child, preferably a child you know/you’re friends with the parents).
I also accept no responsibility for the mess in the kitchen when little ones are ‘helping you’ make these snacks.


  • Mummified Toast

Toast is appropriate for all occasions, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be fitting for the spooky season. Although there is a slight twist on this one: this isn’t just any toast… this is mummified toast! To be honest, it’s more along the lines of pizza toast, which is reassuring because no one wants to eat old toast that’s been in a sarcophagus for a long time – I’m pretty sure that goes against the rules of health & safety.

This will give children a chance to get all creative with food with hopefully minimal amounts of mess because how messy can things get with passata, cheese & olives?

Interested in adding mummified toast to your menu as a healthy Halloween treat? Get the recipe here.


  • Ravioli Spiders

I’m not a lover of spiders; in fact I’m pretty scared of them but I couldn’t resist this! (Plus these spiders would be categorised as ‘cute’, and I can deal with cute spiders!) This would be great for kids too (all of these recipes are in my opinion) as they can make the web before you (the adult) place the cooked ravioli on. The child can then finish things off by placing the pepper legs around the pieces of ravioli -but of course, cut the peppers for them first as children shouldn’t play with knives.

Thinking about adding a few creepy-crawlies among your healthy Halloween snacks? Try the recipe here.


  • Meatball Owls

On the website where I got this from, they said that these were meatball cuckoos but I don’t think they look like cuckoos and cuckoos aren’t scary! So I’m calling them owls instead, and if you don’t think owls are scary do you know of anything else on the planet that can near enough turn its head 360 degrees?

While the adult does the boring things of toasting the bread and cooking the meatballs – kids can do the fun things such as creating balls of cream cheese for the eyes and assembling feathers and beaks out of peppers and chives.

Get the healthy Halloween recipe for Meatball Owls here.


  • That’s not candy corn!

So you’ve eaten too many sweets and you fancy a change (see I told you it’d come to that point) but your craving for candy corn has become so strong that you’re willing to eat an alternative healthy Halloween treat that probably doesn’t even taste like candy corn, but it kind of looks like it so it’ll do! That’s where this healthy Candy Corn snack – made with pineapple and oranges – comes into play! This can be assembled in a matter of seconds if you have all the ingredients to hand… or not if you’ve got a second tiny pair of hands. Either way, it’ll still be a fun activity for the kids.

Want to make your own version of healthy not-candy corn? Find the recipe here.


  • Stuffed Jack O’ Lanterns

Here’s a good pumpkin alternative! The peppers are stuffed with beef and rice, so this is a completely hearty dinner, as well as a fun make. Older children can get involved by carving their pepper, and younger children can just spoon the mixtures in. I’ve also seen versions where the peppers were then placed in the oven so they got some extra colour on them (personally I’d do this as I’m not particularly a fan of raw pepper).

Think these healthy Halloween treats would be a hit? Try the recipe here.


  • Crunchy Smiles

When I first stumbled upon these, I thought they looked a bit creepy, but now as I’m writing this blog post they’re becoming a little less creepy and more goofy! These are created using apples and mini marshmallows… yes I know marshmallows are still considered ‘naughty’ but hear me out because they’re placed between slices of apple and that makes it perfectly okay! Oh and peanut butter is used as glue, so if you’re using organic peanut butter, it’s also a great source of protein!

Looking for a recipe to show off those pearly whites? Try here.


  • Waiter, I think there’s a spider on my pizza?

Oh wait no sorry my mistake that’s definitely a spider on my pizza.

This fun little idea is as simple as making a pizza but of course instead of arranging your toppings in the usual style, arrange them in the form of a spider. I say go crazy with the creation of your spider and add some fangs! Or even make that clown in the background because they’re kinda scary…

Go for it; add a creepy-crawly into your Halloween pizza! Get the recipe here.


  • Brains Anyone?

Braaaaaaaiinnnsss – Zombies will go crazy for this! I joke, these aren’t brains they’re actually made out of popcorn and who goes crazy for popcorn? Lots of people that’s who! Along with your popcorn, you’ll need some marshmallows and a touch of red food colouring. Just coat the popcorn in the melty marshmallow goodness, add a dash of the colouring, and you’re set – now that’s a clever idea right? This is super messy so to prevent any sticky messes, lightly oil your hands before handling!

Get the recipe for your brains (never thought I would ever utter that sentence) here.


  • Now that’s what I call a monster burger

I think this looks more entertaining than scary. While on my travels through the internet I came across a vegan blog where this was featured! If you’re not vegan then don’t worry you can probably still make this with mince and I assume it’s fun moulding mince into people? Well kids will love it anyway due to the hands-on aspect! Plus they’ll also love decorating the bun to make it look like a monster!

Want to make your own Monster Burgers? Get the recipe here.


  • Boo-nanas

Yes these are bananas covered in white chocolate, as if I was actually going to leave chocolate out of a food post… Even though this snack contains chocolate it’s only a teeny amount of chocolate so if you’ve got a craving that needs satisfying this is the snack for you.

Melt some chocolate, chop up some bananas, do some dunking and there you have it “Boo-nanas” -not my words- it was from the website!

Want to try some Boo-nanas for yourself? The recipe can be found here.

Well there we have it, that’s the low down on my top 10 healthy Halloween treats. I realise they all come in very small portions* and aren’t very scary, but in all honesty no one wants to eat scary looking food do they? And I’m sure I’m saying this on behalf of the entire nation, but we don’t really want to be like Bear Grylls either – eating bugs (or ghosts, brains, mummies and teeth for that matter).

*Yes they may be small portions but think of it like fine dining, it’s all about presentation!

What about you? Have you tried making any tasty, healthy Halloween treats with the kids? We’d love to see your photos, why not share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages?