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Top 10 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Simple, Funny, Cool or Scary, in this Collection of Pumpkin Carving Ideas We’ve Got You Covered.

It’’s Thursday today, and if you’’re anything like me you’’re nearly ready for Halloween!

So far in this Halloween blog series I’’ve covered Halloween DIY costumes and healthy Halloween food and have even attempted to become Mary Berry by indulging in some Halloween cookie baking which turned out fairly well. Today I bring you *drum roll* pumpkin carving ideas!

Whenever I’’ve tried carving a pumpkin it never ended well, but I have a good feeling that this year it’’s going to go smoothly! (That’’s what she said.) This also works out quite well as, while I’’m looking at different ideas for my pumpkin carving, I’’m going to share my ideas with you too; after all they do say ‘’sharing is caring’’! 🙂

Before any pumpkin carving can commence, you will need to find yourself appropriate tools and a stencil of the image that you want on your pumpkin. Take a look at this very well written step by step guide on pumpkin carving, it even tells you how to preserve your pumpkin!

Right onwards! Let’’s start off with something easy…


  • Peek-A-Boo!

I’’m not very good with tools in general, that’’s probably why I never did well in woodwork at school, but that’’s not really relevant – – if you’’re also not too great at being precise, this ‘’carving’’ could be just for you. All you have to do is cut off the top of the pumpkin so it acts as a lid. Pick yourself up some googly eyes from the craft store, and cut out some hands, stick them on and voila; a peek-a-boo pumpkin!


  • Marshmallows and Fangs

Of course, adding teeth is completely optional but it does make the pumpkin a little more interesting to look at in a good way! Plus it’’s a more comical version of the standard jack o’’ lantern. The teeth are made from mini marshmallows, so if you’’ve got a few of those lying around (if you haven’’t eaten them all) here’’s a perfect opportunity to use them! On a side note, if you want the teeth but want a scarier pumpkin carving idea – go for the fanged pumpkins (featured right).


  • Hey Cat!

Want to stay away from the standard pumpkin designs of scary faces? Try out this cat design – with some extras added like a bow tied around the stalk and some black pipe cleaners stuck onto it to act as the whiskers.


  • It isn’’t a Halloween party if there isn’’t a pumpkin there!

Why have just one pumpkin when you could have a whole group? If you’’re feeling super creative or you’’ve got a lot of time to kill, or even if you’’ve just got a lot of pumpkins lying around and you need the practice, why not carve yourself a whole group of them so they can have their own little pumpkin party while you’’re doing the time warp at your party this weekend?


  • Monster Pumpkins

Carving a pumpkin is hard, carving a straight line into a pumpkin may be even harder… If it all goes wrong, turn your pumpkins into monsters! Stick on some accessories and your pumpkin monsters are ready to scare your little ones (or at least entertain them for a little while).


  • Two faced Pumpkin

Don’’t you just hate those two-faced pumpkins? Well you shouldn’’t! As this is actually really cool…and if I were professional at carving/good at intricate designs I would attempt this, but alas I’’m not! However, not everyone is like me, some of you may be amazing in the art of pumpkin carving, so if you are try out this two faced pumpkin carving idea and impress everyone!


  • Haunted Mansion

I feel like I’’ve strayed from the scary side, so let’’s hop back on it – raise the scariness by carving some squares into a pumpkin and painting a haunted mansion around the squares. Paint some bats onto it too and you’’ve got yourself a pretty scary haunted mansion. Also, this would be a good one for kids to get involved with as they can design their own creepy mansion.


  • Pumpkin Flames

Autumn: it consists of fire, pumpkins, toasted marshmallows, crunchy leaves and most importantly Halloween! Combine all 3 of those and you’’ve got yourself a pumpkin bonfire!

Carving out flames may be a little tricky, but after trying out all of these you must be a professional pumpkin carver by now.


  • Skeletal Pumpkin Hands

This would be a nice garden feature for a creepy Halloween evening! If you’’ve got a lot of pumpkins lying around – you could create this and have hands reaching out from the ground – plus if they’’ve been illuminated all you’’d see in the dark is the skeleton hands reaching up… spooky!


  • Crows are scary

Fancy going even more intricate? Well what else is scary?… Crows on a dark night as you’’re walking through a wood… alone. Or y’’know just carve a crow into your pumpkin and not only does this show off your skills at pumpkin carving, but it’’s also quite artistic too, which could make for a nice centrepiece at your Halloween party this weekend.

So now it’’s your turn; try some of these out, or make up your own Halloween pumpkin carving ideas and share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter; we’’d love to see them!