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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

Our passionate team of development chefs work round the clock to create a host of exciting new products inspired by emerging food trends from across the globe … so watch this space!

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The World’s Most Dangerous Places (To Eat Lunch)

Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous places you could go and have a bite to eat.

Living life on the edge is one thing, living life on the edge whilst eating your lunch, well that’s just crazy! Well, some would say crazy, but plenty of others would find it exhilarating, so for those of you who want to get the adrenaline pumping whilst munching on that Rainbow Chicken Salad, we’ve got the perfect guide to ‘DANGER EATING’.  As much as we encourage you to eat in exotic locations as part of our Lunch Adventure campaign, we also urge you to stay safe doing it. Some of these certainly look best left to the professionals!


Niagara Falls, Canada




You see that boat, right at the bottom of the falls, we think that’s a pretty dangerous place to enjoy your luncheon. For the real thrill seekers, a boat at the top of the falls would definitely get the adrenaline pumping, although this is one to avoid if you’re not a fan of soggy sandwiches, which we at Urban Eat work to avoid.


Lake Baikal, Russia




Just add a bench and you’ve got the perfect picnic location, right? The van in the background seems to be doing okay and it’s not like this is the oldest and deepest lake in the world. Well, actually it is; it’s been there for 25 million years and is 1,700 metres deep, so if you fancy a dip in sub-zero temperatures after finishing your lunch, this is the place (don’t forget to take your towel).


Stromboli Volcano, Italy




The views would be incredible; endless blue ocean, cloudless sky (other than the one leaving that bit of rock) and Mediterranean temperatures. We don’t know why it’s not covered with people enjoying a refreshing salad or wrap. It could be related to the fact that this is still an active volcano. Yes, that cloud is indeed being created by the heat inside the volcano, and we’re talking up to 1,200°C which would be ideal for heating up a chunky focaccia (careful not to burn it, or yourself). The craziest part is that this island is inhabited by a few hundred people, so you can even make your lunch visit a social event – there’s nothing like a bit of volcano networking.


The Burj Khalifa, Dubai




Right here is the tallest building in the world. Its tip is an incredible 830m above ground, which is the same as 190 double decker buses, or nearly three times The Shard, if you’re a London buff. The Burj Khalifa obviously boasts incredible views from the top but do beware, at the summit, temperatures can reach 50°C, wind speeds can reach 150kph, and the area is highly prone to sand storms which we don’t presume will complement your Cheddar Ploughmans all too well.


Krubera Cave, Georgia




Our final dangerous place to eat is Europe based, in the Krubera Cave in Georgia. This is the deepest known cave in the world and to get to the bottom you’ll have to abseil 2,197 metres, so nearly three times the height of the Burj Khalifa! Forget feeling on top of the world, eating lunch down here would put you at the bottom of the world, or Earth at least. It’s cold and dark down there though, so if this is your Lunch Adventure, don’t forget a warm coat, a bright torch and make sure the flash on your camera is working!


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