Strangest Student Meals ever Eaten

Students are notoriously slapdash when it comes to their diets. Their ‘bit-of-this, bit-of-that’ mentality has a tendency to result in some bizarre concoctions that their mothers would shudder at. Some blame their budgets, others claim they’re short of time, but whatever the reason, we should consider these meals a warning to our health… and taste buds. These ‘recipes’ do, however, make for excellent reading so please enjoy URBAN Eat’s selection of the five worst student meals of all time:

5) Pasta and Ketchup medley

pasta tomato sauce

But ketchup is just tomato sauce, right? Wrong. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t have mayo with it, then you shouldn’t have ketchup. So next time you think about putting the ‘famous 57’ on your cooked pasta, please think again.

4) Porridge exotica

One student decided that porridge by itself is too plain, so they added some Doritos and a crumbled Nutrigrain into the mix. If we’re honest, we’re impressed they made porridge in the first place.

3) Baked beans with spices

Beans are healthy, full of protein and they’re good and filling. However, as far as we know, this was the full extent of the meal. Maybe add a few more ingredients in there for good measure. Well done for seasoning the beans though, good start.

Some of those are quite shocking, but we’re only just warming up. Here are some real award winning concoctions that would make Delia Smith wince.

2) Pizza and Ice-cream

Pizza Ice cream

It looks unusual, but mixing sweet and savory is trending. People have even started dipping chips in milkshakes. However, mixing frozen and cooked seems like it could be taking things to the next level. Heston Blumenthal would be proud!

1) Cinnamon rolls filled with hot dogs and covered in icing

Perhaps there is something to this trend? Regardless, this extraordinary mix of meat and pudding is really testing our concept of normality. URBAN Eat recommends adding some vegetables and less icing.

Students have really shown themselves to be some of the most creative cooks around by pushing boundaries of what we consider to be… well… edible. However, remember that you are what you eat and that we have a responsibility to ourselves to eat well. Cooking balanced meals doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, so be kind to yourself.

healthy living


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