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Spring Cleaning Guide: Top Tips

Now that spring is upon us, we’re ditching a lot of these: heavy winter coats, those nights where it gets dark at about 4pm, the unbearably cold weather, along with the general doom and gloom of winter!

So what better time to do some ‘Spring Cleaning’ than right now? After all it’s in the title! Students generally don’t have a good reputation for being the cleanest of folk – after all student accommodation says it all really. However there are a couple of people (myself included) that do like to keep their homes tidy (shock, horror!) which leads on to the main purpose of this post.

And yes, on the rare occasion the phrase “Out of sight, Out of mind” is applicable and certainly when it comes to spring cleaning, if you’re lazy like me. But if you are ready to embrace the clean with open arms then continue reading on for our guide to spring cleaning!


  1. Planning


When it comes to spring cleaning or when I’m in a productive mood, I tend to make a plan of what needs to be cleaned (despite it being everything) but I like to do everything in stages: Dusting, Vacuuming, Mopping etc.

Aside from this, I like to rummage through our cleaning cupboard and see what things I may need to purchase if I’m running low on supplies.  Plus, it also means that you can clean out your cleaning cupboard and throw out any empties.

For a bit of added fun, I like to make a cleaning playlist so it motivates me a little bit more to get the place spruced up. At my flat we normally just listen to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and I imagine that isn’t up everyone’s street.


  1. Buy your cleaning products

Cleaning products

Photo: Internetsense/Flickr


Once you’ve finished spring cleaning your cleaning cupboard, it’s time to make your way over to the supermarket, Wilkos or Poundland for some new cleaning supplies!

Here are my essentials when it comes to cleaning, on the assumption that you’ve got the mandatory items such as a vacuum, mop and bucket, toilet brush etc.:

  • An all-purpose cleaner
  • Furniture Polish
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Window and Glass Cleaner
  • Air Freshener
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Micro fibre/Multi-Purpose cloths
  • Wire scourers


  1. Rearrange your room


Photo: ChestofBooks

In my eyes it’s not a proper spring clean until you’ve rearranged your room of choice!

Mainly because the rearranging allows every part of the room to be cleaned, vacuumed and dusted – plus at the end of it, a rearranged room looks like a new room with that fresh new room smell.


  1. Sell/Donate your clothes

 weed out your closet

Photo: Leakysquid

Once all the rooms are cleared, then perhaps it’s time to tackle that wardrobe of yours – personally I am a hoarder and have this weird sentimental attachment to clothes, so whenever I do a closet clear out it’s hard. Really hard.

But I do ask myself the above questions whenever I face this task, and it’s worked wonders as the last time I did it, it resulted in 3 large bin bags full of unwanted clothes. Of course, on the chart it says ‘toss it’ but if the clothes are in good condition then why not donate them and do something good? If the clothes are in terrible condition just throw them away!


  1. Work from Top to Bottom


Not sure if this is really a top tip, but working from the top to the floor means that any dust that you’ve knocked from the ceiling or from shelves will make its way onto the floor, so when it is time to do the floor you’re not stuck doing double the cleaning (as that involves more effort!) if you’ve started on the floor then worked your way up.


  1. Lemon, Baking Soda & Vinegar


Photo: Care2


If your cleaning products are failing you – then you will become best friends with this trio in getting everything sparkling new and clean for that matter. Plus lemons are always handy to have around the house as they have multiple uses aside from being in drinks!

As everything is natural, there are no chemicals, along with everything being easily accessible and cheaper in shops, as you can buy all of the ingredients in bulk if you wanted.

And I’m sure if you’re living with flatmates you’d all at least have one of these items.


  1. Storage, Storage, Storage

Storage Storage Storage

Photo: Design Build Ideas


I’m a self-confessed hoarder but there are rare occasions when I do get ruthless and do a large de-cluttering. But once you’ve cleared your house/flat of all the things you don’t need, and you’re still finding that you need extra space, invest in those storage towers or even baskets for your wardrobe to keep things organised!


  1. Or… sweep stuff under the carpet


Photo: Banksy / All-that-is-interesting

I’m kidding don’t actually do this, because if spring isn’t the time to be all motivated and excited about cleaning then I don’t know when is…

Although if your parents are coming for a spontaneous visit while you’re at university it’s a pretty good solution! Unfortunately if you don’t have a rug then it looks like you may just need to tidy up…Or strategically place things over the mess.

That’s my spring cleaning guide. Of course I didn’t actually provide any cleaning tips because I’m not actually the domesticated goddess that I think I am. But I am a fond pinner, so I do often find myself on Pinterest looking at how to tackle the tasks of cleaning, although I would say that you should use all tips with caution as you don’t want to ruin your things!

Do you have any tips to add to our spring cleaning guide? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter or just comment below– mainly because I’m on a journey of learning aside from understanding the sandwich world, picking up domestic cleaning tips would be handy too…