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14 Awesome S’mores Ideas You Need To Try!

Summer incorporates a lot of things such as sun, sea, beach and seagulls but often it’s a very good time to go camping too! There are many types of food which spring to mind when we think of camping, but have you ever considered s’mores?!

For those behind the times in the world of camping treats, a s’more consists of toasting a marshmallow till it’s all gooey and sticky then sandwiching it between two graham crackers with a layer of chocolate. However considering we’re British and graham crackers aren’t so easily accessible the humble digestive biscuit will work.

However, as its URBAN eat and we never do things traditionally here’s a s’mores mashup (A s’mash up!). Check out these 14 awesome s’mores ideas!


1. S’more crescent rolls


Photo Credit: Lemon Tree Dwelling

The creator of these tasty looking morsels says that you can have these for breakfast… don’t mind if I do. Nothing like a crescent roll filled with chocolate and marshmallows to start your day!


2. S’more Macaroons


Photo Credit: Liv For Cake

S’mores are usually quite messy, but when converted into macaroon form it’s ever so refined. A refined gooey, chocolatey mess we still dig it.


3. S’mores Ice Cream


Photo Credit: Julie’s Eats and Treats

If you assumed s’mores were only eaten warm you’re mistaken! As Julie has turned it into ice cream form so if you’d rather have something cold and refreshing, this should be right up your street.


4. S’mores Dip


Photo Credit: Spend with Pennies

Why eat your s’more off the stick when you can use it as a dip? This would be great a party food or even a quick treat to fix up to satisfy those sugar cravings.


5. S’more Krispie Treats


Photo Credit: Mom on Time Out

The name doesn’t give much away, but rice krispies with the filling of marshmallow and chocolate. Yummy!


6. S’more Oreo Brownie Bar


Photo Credit: Princess Pinky Girl

We love brownies, we love s’mores – need I say more?

(And it rhymes!)


7. Baked S’more cups


Photo Credit: Moms Need to Know

This recipe is probably closest to the original, but the biscuits/crackers have been crumbled and then baked. Delicious!


8. Sinful Chocolate Pizza

smores 8

Photo Credit: Cleobuttera

We’ve seen those chocolate pizzas floating around the place! And this is way better.

We imagine it’d be sickly if you ate it all in one go so perhaps it’s one for sharing?


9. S’mores on a stick


Photo Credit: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Man

Heard of cake pops? Here’s s’more pops. Does that work? Clearly yes.


10. Triple Chocolate S’mores Bark


Photo Credit: A Kitchen Addiction

In our Strawberry Food combinations post, we told you about strawberry and yoghurt bark – here is the s’mores relation. While eating healthily is very important sometimes it’s just nice to be a little bit naughty, which is why this version contains 3 types of chocolate and all the usual gooeyness.


11. S’mores Milkshake


Photo Credit: Poofy Cheeks

It looks good so it must taste good, although we suppose the only warning that comes with it that’d you’d have to get your own as it’d be too tasty to share.


12. Waffle Cone S’mores


Photo Credit: Mother’s Niche

What would your perfect extra ingredient be? This has peanut butter chips, which makes it a winner in our eyes.

Plus surely it’s mess free as it’s all in a portable cone – hooray!


13. No Bake S’mores Cheesecake


Photo Credit: The Gracious Wife

No-bake cheesecakes can be a great solution if you want to look competent in the kitchen, without gambling on the end result. Chocolate looks like a fine addition to this family favourite.


14. S’more Cupcakes


Photo Credit: Shutter Bean

Finally s’more cupcakes – which should be featured at all tea parties, midnight feasts or general snacking all with a hot beverage of your choice!

So if you have never tried them you have no excuse now with there being a ton of different alternative s’mores ideas to the traditional sandwiching of marshmallow, chocolate and crackers.

Let us know your favourite way of eating chocolate, marshmallow & crackers through the Facebook  and Twitter page

Note from URBAN eat team: Over the last year one of our team members written some amazing blog articles. Rebecca is now leaving URBAN eat to continue her future adventures. This is the last post written by her and here’s what she had to say as farewell:

Unfortunately this shall be my last post. After a year of reporting on my trials and tribulations in the kitchen and adventures outside the office. I am returning to the world of University prepared with basic baking skills, an idea of seasonal food produce and an array of costume ideas for Halloween! This is Rebecca signing out.