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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

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Quick Fixes for Dull Sandwiches: Liven Up Your Lunchtime


We have a competition running to liven up a lunchtime for someone you know. Enter a colleague of yours who has boring lunch times and needs our help!

Last week we gave you ways to liven up your lunchtime with alternative lunch options, and this week we are focussing that advice on the simple sarnie. Between those 2 slices is a whole range of options and we have listed some of the best bonuses for your bread.

1. Garlic Mayo

Garlic Mayo - Liven Up Your Lunchtime

(Photo Credit: Mums Net)

A lot of sandwiches contain mayo, which may be bad news for some but great news for lovers of mayonnaise. If you’re also an avid fan of garlic like me – there is no doubt that you would’ve heard of garlic mayonnaise.
If you fancy making it yourself here’s a recipe for it here, however garlic mayonnaise is readily available in all major supermarkets so pimp up that BLT and swap out the ordinary mayonnaise.

2. Melted Cheese

Melted Cheese - Liven Up Your Lunchtime

(Photo Credit: Geek)

You can call cheese boring, but I stand by melted cheese – anything with melted cheese is made much more exciting wouldn’t you agree? So why don’t you try a ‘Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich’? It sounds pretty great.

3. Mustard/Horseradish/Wasabi

Wasabi - Liven Up Your Lunchtime

(Photo Credit: Japan Centre)

Sushi is a very popular lunch time snack and is normally includes a helping of wasabi. However, if your sandwich is lacking a certain kick why don’t you throw in some of this hot green goodness? – only a little unless you’re a daredevil and love the heat it gives off! Most wasabi in the UK is actually horseradish, so that would be a good substitute; as would adding mustard and tarragon to a ham & cheese sandwich.

4. Fruit

Fruit - Liven Up Your Lunchtime

(Photo Credit: Soda Head)

Fruits have often made an appearance in a salad, and no we’re not talking about a fruit salad. Rather those leafy green salads, so what’s stopping you from putting it into a sandwich?
Apples are pretty good for this when paired with goat’s cheese – And if you’re a fan of the Hawaiian style pizza, did you know that can also be turned into a Tropical Ham Sandwich?

5. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter - Liven Up Your Lunchtime

(Photo Credit: Prescription Fact)

And if nothing is persuading you to ditch those plain filled sandwiches – why not try an American favourite? Pairing peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwich. I’ve had the pleasure of trying this and it’s not as bad as it would seem.

6. Avocado

Avacado - Liven Up Your Lunchtime

(Photo Credit: Skinny Mom)

Not only is avocado a brain food that helps you study but it is also an ingredient that can do most sarnies!
Add some avocado into your sandwich either in slices or squash it up so it becomes a spread but even before that season it with some lemon juice, salt and pepper along with a sprinkling of chilli and you’ve got yourself a super easy guacamole!
This was a little tip that I picked up from Justin our in-house development chef!

7. Bread Types

Bread - Liven Up Your Lunchtime

(Photo Credit: Wise Geek)

I’ve spoken a lot about the types of fillings, but you know what there’s lots of different types of bread out there too so swap your standard loaf of bread for something a little bit fancier!
Try this club sandwich featuring tiger bread or giraffe bread as some people prefer to call it.

If you know someone who has dull lunches, you can nominate them to be raided by our Lunch Fixers, nominate a colleague now to have their lunch fixed

If I haven’t listed your fav filler – share with us what you have to beef up your bread?
Comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!