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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

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Perfect Picnic Guide

The weather is warming up and the grass is getting greener, and we all know what time it is. Picnic Time!

Whether you are going to your local park or venturing into the countryside, everyone has their own take on what makes the perfect picnic, and we have our own thoughts. We have put together our favourite options to fill your picnic baskets, and we would like to hear what you think we’ve missed.

With experts saying that this could be the warmest summer – I’ve decided to prepare you for it, well on the picnic front.

1. The Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: 9jafoodie)

Of course you’d find a scotch egg at a perfect picnic, they’re like the party guest that you’re obliged to invite. Aside from this I heard they’re pretty tasty too and relatively easy to make? 9jafoodie have a recipe you can use, or even easier, just pick some up at the supermarket!

2. The Mini Sausage Rolls

Mini Sausage Rolls – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: Cooking with Curls)

Cocktail sausages or mini sausage rolls… either are pretty good for picnics! Cocktail sausages are more fuss free as you can pick them up at the supermarket but you can’t beat them once pastry is added, and these too, you can try your hand at making sausage rolls!

3. The Sandwich

Sandwiches – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: Great Tea Party)

Another staple at a picnic, but sandwich fillings are a time for you to get a little adventurous! Such as our Hot smoked salmon and wasabi mayo sandwich. But if you’re a lover of classic filled sandwiches at a picnic then try out our Tuna Mayo and Cucumber sandwich?

4. The Potato Salad

Potato Salad – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: One Good Thing by Jillee)

This is an ever popular salad that is found at picnics however, with the mayo and the carbs it is more of an indulgence than a healthy salad– but this picnic favourite will go with any number of cold meats and that’s why it made the list.

5. The Quiche

Quiche – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

This quiche is made by Mary Berry, and you know we love her. Do you remember when we featured her recipe for Chocolate Fudge Cake? This is a great recipe and will definitely impress your other picnic goers.

6. The Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: BBC Good Food)

The ones featured above are actually cookie and cream brownies but sweet treats are always needed at a picnic after your savoury lunch of scotch eggs, sandwiches and quiche. If brownies are too much of an indulgence for your liking you could always make a healthier tray bake of the classic Flapjacks.

7. The Fruit

Fruit – Perfect Picnic Guide

(Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats)

If there were brownies and flapjacks present at the perfect picnic, I’d feel the need to throw in some fruit… on a side note if the fruit at the picnic is looking anything like the above – I’d be incredibly happy to just nibble on this.

8. The Pink Stuff

Pink Lemonade – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: Bakingdom)

And to wash down all that picnicky goodness – Pink Lemonade. If you’ve made everything else on this list for your picnic you might as well have a go at making pink lemonade!

9. The Pimms

Pimms – Perfect Picnic Guide
(Photo Credit: Creative Culinary)

We simply couldn’t leave this post without even the slightest mention of Pimms, after all this screams good weather and picnics. Plus if a fruit salad hasn’t featured at your picnic… fruit soaked in Pimms totally counts right?

We love picnics (if you hadn’t noticed) and we truly believe that we can make any meal more exciting for you by trying our products and recommendations!

If we’ve missed your perfect picnic aperitif – share with us by commenting below or getting in touch via Facebook or Twitter!