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Perfect BBQ: What Food To Serve

Hooray, it’s June. This means we’ve entered the summer season!

Despite the weather not always being in our favour, the BBQ is still a British Summertime favourite, and an area many people think they are experts in. So we have put together a list of what food to serve at the perfect BBQ. Grab those tongs, place your BBQ on your patio and get grilling,

     1. Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers

Jalapeno Burgers

Photo Credit: Spend with Pennies

The perfect BBQ should have burgers – whether they’re meat based or veggie based; both are equally delicious.

Being a meat lover, I have chosen to kick start this list with a Jalapeño Cheddar burger. Of course, while you can follow the recipe step by step, you can always swap ingredients in or out to tailor to your taste buds which is the most exciting thing about making your own burgers! For example, if swapping beef mince for turkey mince means that the fat content is lower.

If you haven’t heard about turkey being leaner you clearly haven’t checked out my Healthy Summer Alternatives post…You can add that to your reading list! No need to thank me!


 2. Chicken, Coriander & Lime Skewers

chicken skewers

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

I always think skewers are really good to eat while at a BBQ. Mainly because the skewer is crammed with lots of different things such as meat and veg so you get to sample everything and it’s portable. So what else says summer more than a chicken fajita skewer marinated with coriander and lime.


     3. Courgette & Feta Salad

Photo Credit: Proud Italian Cook

While at a BBQ there is usually lots of meat floating around. We should not forget the green stuff. Yes I’m talking salads – salads containing leafed greens tend to wilt quickly, so if you want your salads to last longer than the usual half an hour opt for a leaf-free option. Here’s a Courgette and Feta salad which should do the trick? Americans call it a zucchini, which is a free factoid for you.


 4. Peach & Rose Fizz

Photo Credit: BBC Good Food (Left); The Frugal Girls (Right)

Aside from a bucket of chilled beers, it’s always important to have some extra drinks in the side. For those who like their drinks a little sweeter, we’d recommend peach juice and rose water topped up with Prosecco. Mmm Bubbles.

And if it’s a family friendly BBQ where people are having to drive home afterwards have an alcohol free punch in the form of Strawberry Lemonade.


     5. BBQ Bananas with Chocolate Chips & Marshmallows

Photo Credit: What’s Gaby Cooking (Left); Erica’s Sweet Tooth (Right)

It’s a family favourite, and possibly maybe at a push a national favourite because who doesn’t enjoy a grilled banana that’s been on a BBQ? Especially when it’s accompanied by chocolate chips and marshmallows?

If bananas aren’t a favourite of your family and friends then you could always opt for the option of strawberry, marshmallow and brownie kebabs. However, these are probably best left off the BBQ!


 6. Potato Salad

Photo Credit: Foodie Crush

As a lover of potato salad whenever I’m at BBQ, I don’t think it’s a perfect BBQ in my eyes unless a potato salad features. So here’s a recipe for possibly the best potato salad ever.


     7. BBQ Pulled Cauliflower Burger (V)

Photo Credit: Beard & Bonnet

Although most people think of meat when considering what to serve at a BBQ, there are a lot of great vegetarian options. Here we have an alternative to pulled pork from the people behind ‘Beard & Bonnet’– Pulled Cauliflower, the recipe sounded scrumdiddlyumptious and is on my list to take for the next BBQ I go to.


     8. Snacks

Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

I touched upon this briefly in my last Healthy Summer Alternatives blog post, but serving raw vegetable and houmous is always a winner with everyone especially if you get some really good dip or houmous.

Alternatively, you can make your own and get that home-made feeling, an easy recipe to follow is here. If you’re going all out have the usual favourites of chips & dip too!


Those are a few dishes that can be great additions towards the perfect BBQ. What food do you serve at a BBQ?

Leave your answers in the comments below, or better yet come find us on Twitter and Facebook!