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Office Christmas Party Games Ideas

Ahh the office Christmas party, which all sitcoms portray as boring. But I’m going to change that with some ideas for office Christmas party games that may improve the atmosphere at your office do.

On a side note, while the following may be office orientated, I don’’t see why you can’t apply them to your family Christmas celebrations!


  • Christmas Trivia: Songs & Movie

Stick the word ‘‘Christmas’’ in front of the word trivia and you’’ve got yourself a themed trivia. The trivia should include all things Christmas related so questions such as “”Deck the halls with boughs of ____?”” would apply. Or questions such as “”Complete the title – The miracle on ___th Street””

Separate the office into teams and that should encourage competitiveness!


  • Wrap Race

Split up into teams (I’’m sensing this is a recurring theme throughout this post), have two players against each other and see who can wrap a present up the fastest! Presents have to be complete with a bow otherwise it doesn’’t really count does it?


  • Christmas song Pictionary

Pictionary is always a family favourite, perhaps not to those who can’’t really draw but those who are artists/like to think of themselves as artists will love this. The festive twist would be to draw out a Christmas song! But I suppose this is still applicable to any items related to Christmas such as a Christmas pudding or tinsel.


  • Dress the snowman

Dress-the-snowman-Christmas-Party-Games-Ideas - Copy
Of course just wearing a snowman costume is cheating, but split up into teams and grab some toilet roll to re-create the snow effect and see which team can dress a snowman (well make a snowman) the quickest!


  • Penguin Relay Race

Penguin-Relay-Race-Christmas-Party-Games-Ideas - Copy
It’’s the old game of passing the balloon on with your knees. If this doesn’’t get you all competitive and laughing I don’’t know what will. Yes it’’s not very Christmassy since I’’ve just revealed what it actually is – but penguins can be associated with Christmas, right?


  • Pass the Christmas Parcel

Pass-the-Christmas-Parcel-Christmas-Party-Games-Ideas - Copy
Wrap up a gift with many, many layers; enough so that you can get at least a couple rounds of pass the parcel in before a winner is finally chosen. Perhaps to make it more interesting add little notes between the layers of wrapping paper, so instead of it going continuously clockwise it’ll mix up the order!


  • Name that Christmas Song

Name-that-Christmas-Song-Christmas-Party-Games-Ideas - Copy
Test how well the office knows their Christmas songs – play 10 seconds of the Christmas song and then pause it allowing them to guess what it is! Or you could remake the round that they have in ‘’Never mind the Buzzcocks’’ where team members have to make the melody of the opening of the song without singing.

And if you don’’t know what I’’m talking about, here’’s a handy dandy video:




  • A minute to win it: Christmas Edition

What makes a game better? Having lots of little games to make one big game! The concept behind this is to complete tasks in under a minute and of course split the office up into teams and see who is top of the leader board by the end of the day.

Ideas include: How many marshmallows can you get through a wreath into a bucket? How many ornaments can we get onto a piece of string without the use of hands? etc.


  • Bauble & Spoon Race

Similar to the egg and spoon race, but instead of using an egg you use a bauble. Or if you don’’t fancy using baubles I’’ve seen it done with ice cubes, although if your office is pretty warm your cube will melt quite quickly which could indeed up the game.


  • Find the reindeer/Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Find-the-reindeer-Christmas-Scavenger-Hunt-Christmas-Party-Games-Ideas - Copy

Place Christmas related things around the office, and send your teams around the office to try and find the missing objects – collecting them as they go along. Or if that isn’’t an option, sticking up pictures of said Christmas items will also do.

But where does the reindeer come into it? Well if you wanted a bonus prize – then hide a toy reindeer somewhere and whoever finds that can claim themselves a prize too which would be nice if they didn’’t win the scavenger hunt.


  • Snowballs

Snowballs-Christmas-Party-Games-Ideas - Copy
Grab an empty bowl, blindfold a team member and see how many snowballs they can get into said bowl. Of course once again if you split up in teams it’’ll add a competitive edge to the game!


  • Pin the hat on the Santa

Pin-the-hat-on-the-Santa-Christmas-Party-Games-Ideas - Copy
Similar to pin the tail on the donkey but of course, to make it more festive I’’ve chosen Santa for this post. Using Santa is completely optional- you can opt for Rudolph if you want to and ‘’pin the antlers’’ on instead!

So there are my 12 office Christmas party games that should liven up your party – of course all winners should deserve a prize! Or an extra mince pie at least. As always speaking on behalf of URBAN eat – we’’d love to hear via Facebook or Twitter what crazy games you play at Christmas, so get in touch!