Make A Father’s Day Lunch Bag

All fathers deserve something special on Father’s Day, so have you thought about what you could give him on Sunday?

At URBANeat we don’t think there is anything you can’t say with a sarnie. And it’s not just picking Dad’s favourite fillings either!

Why not pop over to Dad’s for a quick coffee or even a spontaneous picnic… make the gesture even more personal with my 10 min quick fix Father’s Day sarnie bag 🙂

fathers day 1

Here’s how to do it:

Take an ordinary sandwich (or gift) bag.

fathers day 2

Remove the handles

fathers day 3

Cut slits into either side of the top of the bag about 60mm below the opening

fathers day 4

Fold in the sides and stick loosely to form the collar (1 image below)

collar 1collar 2









For the Tie

I’ve used a simple Origami pattern to make the tie

Print out the 20cm square sheet of URBAN Eat I Heart Dad paper…

Here is the link to the tie paper

fathers day 5

And then follow these instructions:

fathers day 6

Finally stick your tie in place on the bag 🙂

fathers day 7

It’s the little things in life that make the difference after all…

Happy Father’s Day!