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Kingston Christmas Market 2014 – A Seasonal Visit

The famous Coca Cola advert has aired, shops are filled with Christmas related items and there’’s that really crisp winter smell in the air. And what does that mean? It means Christmas season has officially begun and it’’s time for me to go visit a Christmas Market – well tha’t’s what my boss at URBAN eat told me to go do and I’’m most definitely not complaining!

Christmas markets first originated in Germany which is why sometimes they’’re referred to as ‘’German Christmas Markets’’ and they have now become part of our culture with Christmas markets attracting large audiences – I go mainly for the mulled wine and festive food but it’’s also nice to go and pick up some unique Christmas presents .
So here’’s how my visit went……
I visited the Kingston Christmas market yesterday, and it looked surprisingly quiet although once you wandered into the middle of the stalls it certainly did seem a lot livelier especially with it being late night shopping Thursday! Everything was lit up and looked pretty and the air was filled with the smell of all the festive food.

On my wanders around I came across lots of sweets, so I couldn’’t resist and picked up a bag of pick & mix filled with my favourite gummy bears, because who doesn’’t like gummy bears? I also came across a hat stand, and of course being stereotypically Asian I really wanted the panda hat… but my friends then said if I bought one they wouldn’’t walk around with me… and walking around a Christmas market alone isn’’t as fun.
Then there was a stall for hot roasted chestnuts and that pretty much sums up winter in a nutshell for me – of course the only thing that was missing was an open fire, and some snow.
Of course, me being me it didn’’t take me long to get hungry. We followed the smell of Roast Pork that was lingering in the air and found our way to the roast pork stand, but then something else caught my eye. I decided to pick up a Bratwurst instead – I figured if I’’m at a German Christmas Market I might as well experience some of the food there.

Aside from the hot food there were other Christmas favourites that were there such as chocolate… lots of chocolate. And it was all nicely decorated and looked way too pretty to eat. On the other hand there were also a wide variety of truffle flavours such as ginger or mango… ooh fancy.
There were different types of cheese and pickle, but as I’’m not a major cheese and pickle fan I didn’’t stay at this stall for too long.
There was a churros & hot chocolate stand, but as I was too busy consuming said churros and a hot chocolate I didn’’t quite manage to get a picture of it… but it definitely was very tasty as you dipped the churros into the hot chocolate then the sugar would be all melty and the hot chocolate would get sweeter – you can probably tell by now that I am indeed a lover of sweet things.

So to sum it all up – – the Kingston Christmas market was beautifully festive, I probably ate too much and bought too many sweets but that’’s what Christmas is all about isn’’t it? In theory, I’’m really just preparing myself for Christmas this year as it always involves a lot of food – normally more food than I can handle!
What about you? Have you visited the Kingston Christmas market (or any other markets for that matter) this year? What were your experiences? Did you eat too much food like me? Or did you get a bit tiddly from the mulled wine? ?

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