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The Most Jolly Christmas Jumpers 2014

The festive season is upon us and there’’s nothing like donning a Jolly Christmas Jumper to celebrate it, in all its glory.

Wait, Rebecca – this is a food blog, since when did you start dishing out fashion advice?

To answer that question, I don’’t consider myself a fashion guru (just dressing for the office on a daily basis is hard enough!) so on a technicality this isn’’t really fashion advice… and even the jolliest of Christmas jumpers can never be deemed ‘‘cool’’ or ‘’fashionable’’ but if you want to embrace Christmas with open arms, here are my top picks for the most jolly Christmas jumpers of 2014!

1. Light up jumper with Elves – £18/Primark

The designers of Primark clearly thought that just a jumper with elves was boring and yes I agree – but have no fear they’’ve added lights to this which improves it by a mile. Wear this and light up that Christmas party!

2. Fairisle Christmas Jumper – £40/Topshop



Snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees – this jumper has got it all including the festive colour scheme that it has going on. This one may be a little on the pricey side so I guess you could request it as an early Christmas gift if you really wanted it…

3. Light Up Fireplace Christmas Jumper – £54.99/cheesychristmasjumpers.com
Possibly the priciest Christmas jumper on my list for 2014 – it’’s winter and you’’re most definitely lacking a log fire, how do you overcome this problem? Well it’’s okay because the people at cheesychristmasjumpers.com have this Christmas jumper! You can now bring the fireplace with you everywhere you go! (Assuming that you’’d do all your daily chores in this jumper…I personally don’’t see why not.)

4. Penguin Christmas Jumper – £24/Izabel.com
If I had to pick the jolliest Christmas jumper from this list, it’’d most likely be this one – as I like penguins (especially penguins wearing a Santa’’s hat) and from the looks of this image, there could potentially be a fluffy ball on the end of the penguin hat. Plus this penguin looks like it’’s raring to celebrate Christmas!

5. Ho Ho Ho Christmas Jumper – £39.99/cheesychristmasjumpers.com
If portable fireplaces on jumpers aren’’t your thing, then don’’t worry because, as you can imagine, cheesychristmasjumpers.com has many other options for Christmas jumpers. This was the next one that caught my eye. If this doesn’’t shout “I love Christmas! (And Santa, Gingerbread men, and presents)” I don’’t know what does.

6. Red Santa Jumper – £28/Next
The majority of Christmas jumpers don’’t have a hood but this one does – oooh how unique and individual, plus it’’ll keep your ears warm if you’’re brave and wearing it out and about town. Seeing as it’’s in the style of Santa, be prepared for this scenario to happen…
It’’s very unlikely that Buddy the Elf will suddenly appear … but you never know, the possibilities are indeed endless.

7. Party Sweater – £40/Abercrombie & Fitch
A party doesn’’t start until someone owns a piece of clothing that says the word ‘’party’’ on it. And for just £40 from Abercrombie & Fitch you can have a jolly Christmas jumper that does exactly that.
Even if you don’’t like the design, Abercrombie & Fitch are known for having very soft clothing – so even if you didn’’t want to wear this in public it’’d be great for lounging around the house in.

8. 3D Snowman Christmas Jumper – £12/Primark
If none of the above are currently up your street, and you want to go with something more traditional like a snowman, Primark offers a jumper with exactly that, plus it has a 3D nose and you can’’t go wrong with a 3D jumper.

9. Santa’s Reindeer Christmas Jumper – £20/BHS
I need a Christmas jumper. What were the reindeers called that pulled Santa’’s sleigh?
This jumper solves both those conundrums! Also, while it may not be screaming “Christmas” it does do it ever so subtlety which is always appreciated for those who are less ‘’out there’’ in terms of their fashion choices.

10. Elf & Safety – £19.99/New Look
I couldn’’t end this list without a pun. If you thought I would then you are very much mistaken.
If you want to go round pretending to be an elf but can’’t be bothered to dress up in the full outfit – I guess this is close enough to the real thing!

11. Bonus: Singing Elf – £25.00/Burton
While doing some extra browsing I also came across this Christmas jumper that also sings! If you don’’t fancy wearing an elf jumper, then there is the option of having a penguin too!

Well, there are my top 10 picks for the most jolly Christmas jumpers 2014 (with a bonus – I couldn’’t just leave the last one out!). While the majority of my picks are predominantly male… don’’t worry ladies, you can probably get away with wearing these too. After all, we look great in oversized jumpers and it beats a tight fitting jumper.

If you’’ve got any ‘‘awful’’ Christmas jumpers or a jumper that you’’re dying to show – tweet us on Twitter or share the photo on Facebook. We’’d love to see it!