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How To Make Your Own Advent Calendar

So here at URBAN eat, we are all starting to get super excited for Christmas. We have brought you arts and crafts ideas for kids as well as bringing you the Crafty Kids Competition last year, and at the office we are getting prepared (excited!) for our annual Christmas Desk Decorating Competition!

We think there is no better way to count down the days to Christmas than teaching you how to make your own advent calendar! It’s great fun, and you get to choose your own fillings of course. Grown ups can add Chocolate Liquers or your favourite posh chocs whereas you can put small toys and little surprises for the children too.

Advent 1

Interested? You will need the following to make your own Advent Calendar:

  • 24 Yoghurt Pots
  • 24 treats
  • Christmas Wrapping Paper
  • Cellotape
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 1-24 Numbers – We printed these out but it would be much easier to buy number stickers
  • Cardboard
  • Glue Stick (If printing Numbers)
  • Double Sided Stickey Tape if you have any
  • Pen


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1. Ensure you have plenty of space to work in, and make sure all your yoghurt pots have been cleaned out properly. Once these two things are checked off, start off things by wrapping up each Yoghurt pot. Make sure you leave the top open and wrap the back of the pot up



2. Repeat the above process until you have all 24 Yoghurt Pots securely wrapped up tight

Advent 4


3. Once all your pots are wrapped up, arrange them in any shape you like to make a larger shape. We opted for a Christmas Tree to tie into the festive theme of everything

Advent 5


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4. Now for the super fun and fiddly part. Cello tape all your pots together in your chosen shape. We found it easier if you fold your tape in half and then stick one edge to your starter pot, and then once one side is stuck, stick your other side to the next pot. It is fairly fiddly so if children are making this, they may need some adult help to make sure it’s all stuck down correctly. Continue doing this until all pots are stuck together in a fairly solid shape.

Advent 7



5. For the next part, grab your cardboard and draw and your yoghurt pot shape. Cut out a ¾ size version of your shape from your template. This shape will act as the support for your shape, to ensure it is strong enough to hold all your treats.

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6. Now for the easiest part! Grab your treats and split them between your 24 pots. We opted for Celebrations and managed to squeeze in two a day which meant twice the happiness each day!

advent 10


7. Once this is done, use double sided sticky tape or cello tape rolled into loops to stick a line onto each yoghurt pot line to stop all your treats falling to the bottom when your advent calendar stands. After you have done this, you can wrap up your advent calendar! We drew around the bottom of our calendar and added an inch to make the wrapping easy and neat on the top. Ensure every gap is sealed by using plenty of cello tape –this ensures no peaking can be done!

Advent 11


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8. Once this is complete, try and stand your advent calendar the way it should stand – if it is a bit wobbly, use an extra piece of cardboard and cut out a long rectangle. Fold it in half and secure to the back of your calendar using tape. This will act as a stand and will help to steady your calendar. It should (hopefully) now stand on its own!


Advent 17


9. Now for the potentially fiddly part. If you have number stickers, power on ahead and sticker up your 24 part calendar with the correct amount of days. If you have printed your numbers, cut them all out and stick them on randomly over pot openings using glue

Advent 14


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10. Relax, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Advent 15

We hoped you enjoyed our step by step guide on how to make your own advent calendar. If you make your own, we would love to see them via Twitter or Facebook, so be sure to tag us in your creations.