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Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Welcome to Summer!

As I’m writing this article, the weather is a little grey and miserable with the odd ray of sunshine bursting through the clouds, but I’m still holding out for hope of a super sunny summer!

Some people might wonder what to eat in summer? The first thought for many is Ice Creams, bbq’s and pimms, and we have given you some ideas in our Perfect Picnic Guide.

While it’d be perfectly fine to indulge in all the goodness of the above, if you’re craving the need to be healthy here are some suggestions for healthy summer treat alternatives.

1. Ice Cream switched for Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Zuckerzimtundliebe (Left); Roxanashomebaking (Right)

Everyone’s favourite cold treat, a personal favourite of mine if I’m watching a film also, however eating lots of ice cream may not be as beneficial for you even though it does make you ridiculously happy, or is that just me?

The alternative is to freeze bananas and then blend them up, the consistency will be exactly the same as ice cream. So it’ll taste like ice cream but without the added sugar which in my eyes is a bonus – it’ll also be handy when you can’t be bothered to pop down to the shops to pick up your favourite tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

2. Fizzy Drinks switched for Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused Water - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Sonic (Left); Eat-Drink-Love (Right)

How many times have we been told that we should drink more water by the scientists? Lots of times.
Water always seems unappealing to me unless it’s chilled, however throw some fruit into the water it’ll become a fruit infused pick me up – also there are many recipes out there on the world wide web which will help ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ your body along with even ‘weight-loss’.

So ditch those sugary fizzy drinks and start drinking more water!

3. Ice Lollies switched for Yoghurt Lollies

Yoghurt Lollies - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Daily Mail (Left); Wholesome Cook (Right)

Personal favourites of mine are Fab’s, Calippos and Rainbow lollies… but these are unfortunately are very colourful which means e-number and sugar heaven.

So why don’t you try making your own yoghurt lollies, if you use Greek yoghurt then they’ll be packed with nutrients so you can enjoy the guilt of lollies but without the extra calories everyone wins!

4. Chips & Dip switched for Crudités & Houmous

Crudités & Houmous - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Adampuchtawine (Left); A Beautiful Mess (Right)

And now we move onto the staples that you will find at a BBQ. I am guilty of hanging out at the table featuring all the food, normally because they’re good places to meet people as you share a common interest of food.

Chips and Dip always make an appearance which never last too long, because they’re always so moreish. But why don’t you switch out Chips and Dips *shock horror* and switch it for a much healthier platter of Crudités and Houmous? It’s a bonus if you’ve got some really good houmous as no one will really care that they’re eating raw vegetable sticks!

5. Beer switched for Non-alcoholic beer or low calorie wine

Non-alcoholic Beer - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Justinapexfitness (Left); Grocery Market (Right)

Everyone enjoys a tipple at a BBQ.

Nothing beats an ice cold beer – mmm, but beer does have its cons, such as bloating, hangovers and beer bellies. It has been proven that non-alcoholic beer is healthier than the one that we’ve grown to love, so why not enjoy a refreshing beer without any of the bad stuff! And if you’re a wine lover, there are low-calorie wine options too.

6. Beef Burgers switched for Turkey Burgers

Turkey Burgers - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Mantitlement (Left); Fifteen Spatulas (Right)

I think everyone should be eating more turkey or trying to incorporate more turkey into their meals, mainly because the fat content is very small compared to that of a beef burger or a chicken burger. While it may not be the same as a beef burger, it’s still equally as tasty I promise.

7. Whipped Cream switched for Crème Fraiche

Crème Fraiche - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Frosting and Smile (Left); Delicious Shots (Right)

Summer means summer desserts such as Eton Mess or Pavlova.

Both I could happily eat all day, every day. But cream is incredibly fattening – so it could be worth switching the cream out and swapping it for crème fraiche instead, if you still want the creaminess in both desserts.

If that’s just not how you roll when it comes to desserts, then putting less cream on always works too!

8. Chicken Breast with Skin switched for Skinless Chicken

Skinless Chicken - Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives

Photo Credit: Dad Cooks Dinner (Left); Handle the Heat (Right)

This is another thing that I could happily eat all day if I didn’t have a tiny appetite… Mmm chicken.

Yes chicken cooked with skin on is tastier as it goes all crispy and keeps the chicken moist and just generally makes it better. But give skinless chicken a chance as it can be equally as tasty and healthier! Alternatively, cook the chicken with the skin and just remove it when you’re coming to serve it up.

So here are my 8 summer alternatives, definitely try them out as you can still have the pleasure of food without the guilt! I always do say, if you enjoy everything in moderation then you will be dandy and will be able to indulge in all the tasty goodness that appears in summer!

We would love to know what healthy summer treat alternatives do you switch in for your ‘naughty’ summer favourites?

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