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Healthy Banana Ice Cream Recipe: Tested


Just to clarify, before expectations are raised, my banana ice cream did not turn out like the image above

So a couple of weeks back I posted a ‘Healthy Summer Treat Alternatives’ post and in it I featured healthy banana ice cream (which I saw on Pinterest). With Pinterest, there’s always a high expectation of things going well but not always delivering on expectations, so I’ve documented how my pin-experiment went.

Today I bring you the healthy banana ice cream recipe that can be made to solve all those ice cream cravings you may have but are too lazy to act upon.

Better yet this version of banana ice cream is Paleo/Vegan friendly and completely customisable if you want to try different flavours.

I followed the Pinterest recipe, which can be found here, and opted for peanut butter instead of almond butter.

So here it is: my Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Banana ice cream…

Banana ice cream

Firstly I chopped the banana up into coin sized pieces (looking at the picture I probably didn’t follow the instructions precisely – they look like pretty chunky coins!). I then transferred the banana coins into a freezer-proof bowl and let them ‘chill out’ for about an hour and a half.

Banana Ice Cream

Once that time had  passed I took the bananas out and placed them into a blender to make the ‘ice cream’. Once it had been blended into a smooth consistency I added the  1tbsp of peanut butter and then 2tsp of cocoa powder – because everyone loves chocolate ice cream.

I then mixed it all together ensuring that it was all combined, but at this point the mixture still looked fairly unset, so I popped it into a container and placed it in the fridge for another hour.

As I was dying to see if this pin had worked I took it out after the hour and tried some but it was a little bit too hard to scoop so maybe when I make it next time I’ll let it sit for 10 minutes before tucking in.

Here’s my conclusion:

  • I probably should’ve frozen the banana overnight
  • This recipe could do with a little sweetening maybe I’ll add some honey in next time
  • The texture is similar to ice cream
  • I’d probably use less cocoa powder if I was making this again
  • I imagine it to taste amazing with vanilla pod seeds mixed in
  • I will not be creating my own ice cream parlour as there’s quite a chunk of waiting time

This is a Pinterest success in my eyes! #pinwin

URBAN eat’s nailed it!

So if I can make it there’s no reason why you can’t give this a go – if you attempt this tell us what flavours you added to your ice cream we’d love to know.

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