Halloween Costume Predictions for 2017

Whatever your outlook, 2017 has been a pretty scary year, all things considered. From political unrest to natural disasters, there’s been some seriously frightening stuff going on. While the consequences might be downright dire for millions, there is one teeny, tiny upside – at least we’ve got plenty of material for terrifying topical Halloween costumes… Fortunately, we don’t just have the big picture scary stuff to draw on. There have also been tonnes of fluffier stuff with a spooky or fantastical note. From ice dragons and white walkers, to Wonder Women and Walking Dead, costume opportunities are ripe for the plucking this year, whether you’re going for full political satire, or opting for something a little less controversial. Based on the topical and trending people and features of 2017, here are URBAN Eat’s Halloween costume predictions:

The Ghost of the EU

With Brexit still trundling along (however haphazardly), Catalonia threatening independence and many EU nations feeling the friction all round, is the EU doomed to collapse? At least one harbinger of the EU-pocalypse could be celebrating Halloween with a satirical costume. Draped EU flag with ghostly eyeholes, anybody?


Wonder Woman

If 2016 was the year of Harley Quinns, 2017 is surely the year a legion of corseted Wonder Women take to the streets. A go-to sexy-yet-powerful costume choice, this certain Halloween big-hitter comes with plenty of awesome accessories. A tiara, sassy boots, a shield, sword and upper arm bangles – what’s not to like? Go find your inner Gal Gadot, ladies and gents.


Outside of the political arena, 2017’s scary movies didn’t get much more imitable than IT. The horrifying red-haired clown, Pennywise, is the ultimate on-trend creep this autumn. It’s not an easy costume to throw together, but if you assemble a clown outfit, you can properly scare everyone you encounter in this get up.

Any Game of Thrones character

With just one more season before the cultural leviathan which is Game of Thrones grinds to a halt, there’s not long for megafans to indulge their passion with dress up in an acceptable context (without being told to let it go…). That means there’ll be plenty of Khaleesis, Jon Snows, red women, white walkers and – we hope – ice dragons to contend with this Halloween weekend.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

We predict that there will be a great deal of blond hair, power suits seen out and about this Halloween. As possibly the most talked about people in 2017, you’re guaranteed to get a laugh especially if you go as a pair. Don’t forget to master your impressions, ‘okay’?

Characters from Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a Netflix series set in the 80’s, with the iconic retro baseball caps, high white socks, and tight plain T-s you’d recognise from ET. Anyone can whip up this outfit with whats in your wardrobe. If you can get hold of a prop, like an alien zapping raygun, that would bring the whole outfit together.

What is your 2017 Halloween costume of choice? Are you going political, traditional or fantastical this year? Tell us all about your big ideas!