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Halloween Cookies Recipe – Rebecca’s Spooky Cookies

Let’’s cook up something spooky!

Part of my role at URBAN eat involves writing blog posts- I’’ve written about topics from Fresher’’s fair, to Christmas roadshow, to DIY Halloween costumes – however I’’m really enjoying the current Halloween theme, it’’s been a lot more fun as I’’ve had the pleasure of browsing through many sites just to find the really good stuff for you URBAN eaters.

Today I bring you a spooky and less fantastic version of the Great British Bake Off. Mainly because I’’m not well known for my baking skills… and cookies aren’’t my forte.

I decided to do some baking for this blog post – I did some googling and looked at a few Halloween cookie recipes but then I was all “”y’’know what’s a trusty reliable source for recipes? The BBC!”” Well actually whenever I’’ve followed a recipe from there it all turns out swimmingly and it’’s yet to go completely wrong for me so far.

Just in case you want to recreate these (I don’’t see why you wouldn’’t plus it’’d definitely get the kids involved)… the link to the Halloween cookie recipe I used can be found here.

General things you will need for this spooky bake are: plain flour, caster sugar, baking powder, eggs, butter, lots of food colouring, cookie cutters and greaseproof paper.

So first things first, I weighed out all my ingredients, combined both the sugar and butter together until it was of a creamy consistency. Then cracked in 2 eggs and folded until it was all combined.
Then I added baking powder to the flour and sifted that through into the wet mixture. Once it was all combined to form a ball of dough, I transferred it onto a well-floured surface and proceeded to start kneading.

(Yup that is me working super hard…)

Once I was satisfied with my kneading…I divided the mixture into two and left them to chill for a good hour. Once the hour had passed, which funnily enough was when I just finished tidying up the kitchen… as I’’d left it in a bit of a state as flour was everywhere, I took the two balls of dough out and placed them back on the well-floured surface and began to roll them out to produce a flat surface, ready for the cookie cutters. I picked up a spooky edition pack (which is actually what makes this whole post Halloween-related) inside the pack was a tombstone, pumpkin, witches hat, a cat and of course a ghost.

I cut out the shapes and placed them onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. The instructions were to leave them in the oven for 12-14 minutes at 170 degrees. But then due to me being distracted, as I was answering emails and answering the door for the Postman, I briefly forgot about them, so my first batch of Halloween cookies did end up a tad well done.
There were some which were very burnt… but I managed to salvage some as you can tell with the slightly more tanned ghosts on the far left.

I baked around 4 batches and ended up with around 21 cookies. From my first set I also placed them too close together which was why I had a conjoined cat & pumpkin dilemma…

So learning from this – I then just moved everything into the kitchen where I could keep an eye on my Halloween cookies and prevent them from burning like the cookie saviour I am, and placed each cookie far apart, to prevent any future risk of having conjoined pumpkin and cat twins.

After the cookies had cooled down, it was time to bring out the fun part which includes lots of icing sugar and food colouring.
(This was actually the better looking batch despite my cats looking quite fat… plus a couple of them had a wonky tail or paw as it got caught in the cookie cutter and I had to pretend to be a vet and connect the missing limb back to the animal)

It was also at this point I realised I would never be able to make it in the icing industry as my icing skills aren’’t very neat… in my defence though, my lack of precision when icing the ghosts worked outquite well because it made them look extra ‘’floaty’’.
I started by adding a base colour on all the cookies, I then waited for them to dry a bit more to prevent any sticky disasters from happening *Cue procrastination time*. When the icing had all dried, I then went in again armed with sprinkles and glitter icing pens to add more detail to the cookies otherwise they’’d just be blobs of colour rather than actual things.

There we have it; I can now bake spooky Halloween cookies. Come any other time of year, there will probably be no chance that it’’ll go as swimmingly. Plus they taste alright and they certainly went down well with my flat mates – considering while leaving icing to dry they came and tried some (I have a feeling though that they may have been sceptical, as I baked a cake for my flat mate’’s birthday – I burnt it…so they all know that baking is not my strongest point).

So, why don’’t you give this spooky Halloween cookies recipe a go? All you need are your basic baking ingredients plus some Halloween cookie cutters, food colouring and lots of imagination! The recipe is right here so share your cookie photos with us on Facebook or Twitter; we’’d love to see them!