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Games To Play In The Car This Bank Holiday

(Via Express)

Along with being synonymous with binging on chocolate, the Easter bank holiday weekend often means taking many road trips to visit families or go on short trips. If you’re taking the kids with you, a long car journey can get very tiring very quickly, with the little ones in the background shouting ‘I’m bored’ and ‘are we there yet?’ so here are some games to play in the car that will keep you entertained during that 4 hour trip to grandma’s, especially if you’ve forgotten those crayons and that colouring book.

Yes, I realise that not every car journey with kids will look as fun and magical as the one pictured above – but with some of these games you could actually have some fun.


1. Categories – Word Association

Car games

Let’s start with one that will probably kill the first 30 minutes in the car although if you’re anything like me then it’ll probably take up a good amount of the car journey. The idea, if you haven’t guessed by now, is this: someone thinks of a word or category and then the other players have to think of words or objects that fall into that category. For example: If the  category is the sea, answers could include fish, water, coral, shark, tides etc.


2. Guess the Animal

image 3

Everyone loves animals, so here’s a game with an animal spin. Get someone in the car to think of an animal while the other players try to guess what the person is thinking of. Of course, it doesn’t have to be about animals – it could be celebrities, countries, football teams – but well, animals are all lovely and fluffy. Why would you not want to play a game about animals!?

3. Car Bingo
Car bingoThis one is especially great if you’re on the open road – aka the motorway.
Pick a colour of your choice, and every time you see that colour car go past make a note. The first player to spot 10 cars of the same colour will have to shout “bingo” and shall claim the title of winner! Be warned though, this game is open to some sabotaging if the players are competitive and end up distracting their fellow passengers so they don’t see their colour cars.


4. Rhyming Game

rhyming game

Whatever you do, don’t say purple or orange… because nothing rhymes with these two words. And made up words don’t count!

So the aim of this game is: one player picks a word, and the next consecutive player will have to think of a word that rhymes with that word. If the next player fails then they lose the game. Perhaps you can use sweets as prizes or the act of giving up sweets as a forfeit.




5. I went to the store

I went to the store

Yes this oldie, but goodie!
This game tests your memory and your ability to be creative which should be no trouble for the kids. So it starts off with “I went to the supermarket and I bought….” And from there you have to name items you bought, each player adding something after reciting what’s been said before. I think going alphabetically would be less of a challenge than if you randomised it as the items won’t be going in a chronological order. It’s a challenging one, so probably better for slightly older kids.

6. I spy

I Spy

A simple game calls for simple rules: pick something that you see, don’t tell the other players anything bar the letter it begins with, and see if they can guess the answer. All rounds must begin with ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…’

To help, you could offer clues, especially if the youngsters can’t work it out straight away.




7. Are we there yet?

are we there yet

A game I enjoyed on a number of occasions when I was younger. If your kids are looking like the ones above you can tell the question “Are we there yet?” is on their lips and will most likely be repeated for the next 2 hours of the journey. So count yourself lucky if you’ve only got a short distance to go!




So maybe the last one isn’t a game for all the family, but at least it’ll entertain the kids for a little bit longer. These are my suggestions to beat the boredom on car journeys, do you have some games to play in the car you can share?

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Happy Easter!