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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

Our passionate team of development chefs work round the clock to create a host of exciting new products inspired by emerging food trends from across the globe … so watch this space!

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Final Dissertation Checks

Imagine the relief – you’ve typed the final letter of the final word of your dissertation, and you’re almost ready to close your laptop, kick back, eat an URBAN eat Savoury Pastry and chill for a week or two, safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.

Life is good, and all that’s left for you to do now is wait for your results to be emailed out to you…first class honours here you come.

STOP right there.

You are in extreme danger of making one the biggest student mistakes going (not including anything involving fancy dress of course)

There are several things to check and double check before handing the essay that has taken up the best part of your life for the past few months over for marking.

Are you at risk of plagiarism? Have you correctly referenced everything using the relevant referencing system?

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s writing, ideas or data and passing it off as your own by not correctly referencing or ‘citing’ them. If your assignment contains any direct quotations, data, stats or someone else’s opinion (whether you have re-phrased it or not) then this must be referenced.

Check with your tutor or project supervisor if you are expected to follow a particular system.

Cover sheets
Dissertations and thesis must be bound and have an official university cover page.

Cover pages can be obtained from your faculty office and will usually contain a ‘window’ from behind which the details of your title page should be peeking through.

Be prepared to fiddle about in Word until you get the positioning of your title page exactly right. This could take some time.

Images & Illustrations
There are some quite strict rules and regulations to abide by if you have included images and illustrations within your dissertation. These include:

  • Illustrations must be placed on a separate page with the figure number or legend typed beneath the image or on the next page
  • Line drawings must be presented on the same paper you have used for the rest of the dissertation
  • If copies of figures or drawings are used, they must meet the same quality standards as the rest of your dissertation