Festivals Don’t Have to be Unhealthy

While many festival goers will be packing up the disposable barbecues and the burgers, or budgeting to spend it all on the fast food vans, you don’t have to resort to eating poorly just because you’re outdoors. It’s just as easy to maintain your healthy diet before, during and after wallowing in the mud-stricken fields listening to your favourite bands.<!–more–>

It’s obviously very easy to just wander off to the fast food van in your wellies and mac, but it’s even easier to help yourself to a nutritious breakfast. A piece of fruit is a great way to start the day off and is full of all the essential vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis.

Alternatively, take a container full of cereal with you and a small bottle of milk that you can store in a cool part of your tent – or your freezer box – and you can get a healthy start to the day. Even more so if you add some fruit to your bowl or squeeze your own fresh fruit juice. While a bacon sandwich is a brilliant start to the day and will undoubtedly wake the rest of your group, (if not the campsite as a whole), it’s not the healthiest of starts if we’re all completely honest.

A carbohydrate fueled lunch or dinner will be the best for getting you through the daytime and evening sets. If you can incorporate something along the lines of pasta – which, if you can’t boil your own on the campsite might be available from the Italian fast food vans that are becoming increasingly popular at events – or anything that isn’t necessarily coated in fat and grease. As mentioned already, it’s very easy to slip into barbecue mode when you’re camping and you end up having the same meals twice a day or every day just because it’s easy.

While it’s important that you have a good time at the festival – almost as important as ensuring that you stay dry – it’s vital that you keep your healthy diet going. If you do resort to a burger or hot dog, you could always incorporate a piece of fruit as a healthy second course.

Image via Endless Autumn