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An Apple A Day – Fantastic Apple Recipes for Eat an Apple Day!

Apples are amazing. Simple, easy to eat, fat free and they even contain cholesterol-reducing compounds. With all the great varieties available, what’s not to love?

To celebrate International Eat An Apple Day, we’ve put together our five favourite apple recipes, some healthy, some indulgent, to show what great results you can get form this humble ingredient.


Paul Hollywood’s Apple & Wensleydale Pie


Apple & Wensleydale PiePhoto Courtesy of BBC

Sweet and savoury is all the rage, but we wondered if this supposedly weird combo would work. It’s based on a traditional Yorkshire recipe and who are we to argue with God’s County?!


Healthy Apple Crumble for One


Apple Crumble

Photo courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

We love recipes that give you a little bit of indulgence whilst making you feel good about yourself. Katie’s great recipe uses sugar and butter substitutes together with natural oats in a great combo that lets the apples natural goodness sing.


Mini Carrot & Apple Muffins


Mini Carrot & Apple Muffins

Photo courtesy of Homemade

Carrots are the great unsung heroes of healthier cakes. Their sweetness and texture lends them well to a number of different uses. Going together with the tangier apple is a great mix and this recipe provides a curve ball on the traditional muffin.


Apple & Leek Stuffed Pork Tenderloin


Apple & Leek Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Photo courtesy of Eating Well

When you think of roast pork, you can’t help thinking of apple sauce. Pork doesn’t have to be fatty and unhealthy though, the right cut cooked well can provide lots of goodness with less of the badness. This recipe is fantastic, bringing together some classic ingredients, including the seasonal staple of leeks, to provide a simple, wholesome family dinner.


Toffee Apples


Toffee Apple

Photo courtesy of BBC Good Food

Who doesn’t love a toffee apple? Especially with Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up? Not remotely healthy really but a fantastic mix of fruit and sugar that virtually everyone loves. Good Food’s recipe shows the basics and then spins it to include some additional toppings to really push the boat out. Now, where are those wooden sticks…?

Do you have any favourite apple recipes that taste good that we need to hear about? Get in touch via the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter and let us know.