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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

Our passionate team of development chefs work round the clock to create a host of exciting new products inspired by emerging food trends from across the globe … so watch this space!

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Elior, Christmas & Road trips with David Singh

by Rebecca Wong

Hello URBAN eat(ers)!

I’m now back in the office doing all the standard office-ey things such as: emailing, snacking, posting POS kits, writing notes, eating lunch, some more snacking, scanning, copying and more emailing.

Or so I thought… Once I returned back to the office after all the Fresher’s Fairs, I had a new email in my inbox and from David Singh (he’s also part of the field sales team) asking me to help him out at a roadshow… a Christmas themed roadshow hosted by Elior!

A Christmas themed roadshow at the beginning of October – that’s crazy! I hear you say… (I can’t hear you but I imagine that’s what would be running through your heads). The Elior Roadshow ran across 4 days – one up in Edinburgh, Salford, Bristol & London. David and I attended the events down south as it made more sense, David drove both of us up to Bristol (hence the road trip part of the title) the night before so we could be completely prepared for a Christmas filled day! Plus it was an opportunity for me to get to know another member of the sales team as I’ve spent time with Tasha and Julia already.

The event was held @Bristol and when we finally arrived at the venue (after much confusion about where the car park was) it was a festive wonderland with Christmas decorations everywhere and Christmas music playing in the background. I also took a liking to the reindeers that I came across on my wander around the area (and they went straight onto Instagram). Also by the time we arrived at the venue it was near enough to brunch so we helped ourselves to some fancy looking bacon sandwiches, and around mid-afternoon it was time for tea, so of course it would have been rude to say ‘no’ when Tetley were the stand adjacent to ours. All those culinary delights, and I haven’t even mentioned the cake yet! I traded sandwiches with the representative from the cake stand and gained two large slices of caramel shortbread in return – it was a good trade in my opinion.

One thing that David was completely right about was that in this job you will most definitely not go hungry! After the show, David drove us back down to London where we would then meet up the following morning for the London roadshow.

See looking back, I thought Fresher’s was incredibly busy – but oh no I think I’m very much mistaken! The event held at Inmarsat, London was on a whole other level. As the chiller was filled with free food, the delegates had gotten wind of the freebies and swarmed towards our stand, along with other stall holders who came to say ‘hello’ for a free lunch. By the end of it we were just left with muesli (clearly everyone wanted something more filling).

Of course towards the end there were lots of freebies going from the other stalls mainly because everyone came over prepared with their samples so I went round picking a few up. I know in a previous post I mentioned how this year I was going to miss out on my fresher’s fair, but these roadshows definitely became a welcome consolation plus I’d be giving a home to all the chocolate & tea that was going for free. Actually come to think of it, these roadshows were like the equivalent of a fresher’s event except instead of being for students it’s for professionals who know their stuff about catering.

Having to attend two roadshows in a row is certainly tiring. It’s definitely been a good experience. It was also an educational experience working with David as he gave me handy tips for future travelling – plus it was nice to see him interact with existing customers and potential new customers. Now I hear you ask “Rebecca, are you going back to the office now?” and I reply with “Nope, I’m off to Plymouth University to do some sampling! Then come Monday I’ll be back in the office doing highly responsible things like emailing…posting POS kits…snacking, adding things onto my to-do list and other marketing intern related activities.”