eat better, the healthier food to go range for everyone

We’re really pleased to announce the launch of eat better, a new healthier food-to-go sub brand of the UK’s No.1 sandwich brand URBAN eat.

Over the past three years, we have talked to large numbers of food to go consumers about health and food. We realised that with every retailer ‘doing health’ differently, consumers were confused about what was on offer or couldn’t find something they wanted. Mixed messages in the media made it even more difficult to find the truth behind the myths.

Everyone is trying to be healthy, or at least healthier, when deciding which food to buy. This might even be just avoiding unhealthy foods where possible but we recognised the need for a coherent range of delicious foods which enabled consumers to make this choice, whatever their dietary or lifestyle needs. And it wasn’t just about calorie counting either, consumers still want to be full up after a tasty lunch, they just want better stuff.

This is where URBAN eat’s eat better range comes in.

eat better is a range of healthier food to go available to every retailer and will enable consumers to make an informed choice about what they eat, without scrimping on flavour or satiety.

Our launch range of 15 products includes sandwiches, wraps, salads and fruit. Every product has a key nutritional benefit communicated on pack, with other benefits also displayed. There are no red traffic lights and at least one green (some products have two!), with a long list of additives and ‘nasties’ banned. ‘Low calorie’ means different things in different retailers so we won’t be using this claim, instead every product clearly states its calorie count on the front, allowing the consumer to make an informed choice as to what is right for their needs.

We’re really proud of the food our talented development team has created. Check out the Chop Chicken Salad with Carolina Style BBQ Dressing. This amazingly flavoursome salad is high in protein, gluten free, 1 of your 5 a day and under 200 calories. It sums up what this range is about.

Key benefits in the launch range include High Protein, Wholegrain, 1 of your 5 a day, Gluten Free, Low Fat & Source of Fibre. But this is just the beginning; our two year plan will bring some truly ground-breaking products to the UK food to go market, which is all you’d expect from the leading brand.

We hope you enjoy our new range, why not check out our products:

John Want
UK Head of Marketing
Adelie Foods, the home of URBAN eat