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Easy Mulled Wine Recipe – The Ultimate Winter Warmer!

Mulled wine is a wonderfully traditional warming drink, full of flavour and spice with an aroma which can only remind you of Christmas. There are many pre-mixed versions available, as well as ‘’mulled wine sachets’’ but nothing beats the experience of making it yourself, from scratch. I reckon this Easy Mulled Wine Recipe is novice friendly and will quickly make you very popular with your family and friends.
Most of the ingredients come in jars or packets which provide enough for several batches.Mulled Wine Recipe Ingredients (Serves 6)
1 bottle Red Wine, I used a Chilean Merlot
100g Caster Sugar
100ml Fresh Orange Juice (with bits)
1 Orange
1 Cinnamon Stick
3 Whole Cloves
1 Whole Nutmeg
1 Star Anise
(Optional) ½ Vanilla Pod
(Optional) Swig of CointreauStep 1: Create your base

First, get a solid pan, preferably without a non-stick base. Place the sugar inside and then grate half the orange zest on top. Thickly slice half the orange and put to one side.
Step 2: add some spice

Add in the cinnamon stick, vanilla pod (if using) and cloves. Grate some of the nutmeg into the pan.
Step 3: Get boozy

Pour in the orange juice and a very small amount of the wine. Then place onto a medium to high heat, stir frequently as the sugar melts and the whole mixture starts to turn into a runny syrup.
Once the sugar has melted, turn down the heat a little so the mixture simmers for 4-5 minutes. Ensure you stir occasionally.
Step 4: the final touch

Once the syrup has thickened a little (but still runny enough so it doesn’’t stick to the pan) turn the heat down to medium/low. Add the rest of the wine, plus the orange slices and star anise.
Let this warm gently, with a lid on the pan. You don’’t want the wine to boil as it will burn off the alcohol!
Once the wine is hot (but not boiling like tea) you can stir through a couple of capfuls of Cointreau to provide a really orangey kick. Then use a soup ladle to serve. If you place this against the side of the pan and lower it gradually, it will prevent any of the solid spices from being added to your glass.

Because we love mulled wine so much, we have proper hot toddy glasses with handles but you can use any thicker wine glass as well as glass coffee mugs. Don’’t use thin glasses or crystal though.
And there you have it, a proper gorgeous, easy mulled wine recipe! Don’’t put too much in the glass as it will go cold but you can reheat the wine to get it warm again if need be, however don’’t leave it on the hob as it could boil dry. If there are only two of you, you can keep it overnight and reheat it, I reckon this adds even more spicy flavour to the wine!

You could also try this with dry flat cider, where you would swap the orange juice for apple juice. Enjoy!
What about you? Do you make your own mulled wine? Share your photos with us on Facebook or Twitter, we’’d love to see them!