Diner 168 – The Best Place for Breakfast on the A168

I’m a well-seasoned business traveller, averaging 35 thousand miles in the car a year and more on other modes of transport. Many of my journeys are to regular haunts, so although I like to try new eateries when I’m on the move, I’m guessing I’m not alone when I say I do also have my favourite stopping-off points.

Now I’m into fitness and nutrition in a big way and finding somewhere that does the kind of breakfast I go for (good, lean protein and tasty) can be quite tough. When I’m not sampling the delights of the East Coast Trains first class courtesy brekky, there’s a fab independent diner on the A168 (the road that connects the A19 to the A1) with a menu offering breakfast all day long and in every shape and form. Not only that, but because it’s not part of a chain, the staff go out of their way to make sure you have everything as you like it.

My choice is usually scrambled egg and tomato, it comes with toast but I only dabble occasionally and only after a workout!! Every now and again I’ll increase the protein and plump for additional bacon and sausage, have to keep my strength up for challenging days 😉

So if you find yourself south bound on the A168 and fancy a friendly welcome and some tasty grub with the bonus of exceptionally easy, free parking and free Wi-Fi, I recommend you stop off at ‘Diner 168‘.