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Established in 2010, URBAN eat create a handcrafted range of sandwiches, salads, prepared fruits, hot eats and indulgent snacks with the aim of creating an oasis in your day!

Our passionate team of development chefs work round the clock to create a host of exciting new products inspired by emerging food trends from across the globe … so watch this space!

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Boring Lunches? Have no fear, the Lunch Fixers are here

Want URBAN eat to fix your colleague’s lunch? Enter our competition and find out how!

It was British Sandwich Week 2015 – a week dedicated solely to the classic, beloved sandwich – and URBAN eat knew that all across the nation, people would be celebrating in the worst possible fashion: by sitting at their desks with the usual boring butty, soup, or salad to get them through the afternoon.

This could not go on any longer! Something needed to be done to combat boring lunchtimes and we, dear reader, were just the people to do it. So, we made it our mission to make lunchtimes exciting again by mobilising our Lunch Fixers crew and dispatching them to offices around the UK to help banish boring break and liven up lunchtimes.

Lunch Fixers Team - Boring Lunch Fixers

With their pit crew outfits on and hair tied up, the URBAN eat Lunch Fixers headed out for the first of a number of Fixings across the next four weeks; their destination, the WHSmiths GQ in Holborn.

Stuart nominated his colleague Dan, letting the Lunch Fixers know that Dan’s daily lunches were so boring that they made filling in a tax return in a room of slow-drying paint seem interesting. Never ones to resist a challenge, the Lunch Fixers were on the case!

Armed with boxes of lunch items, including the Posh Nosh range, the Legends range and the new Eat Better Salads – as well as Go Pros to capture all the action- the team hopped into the lunch fixing mobile and drove over to WHSmith’s office!

Dans lunch fixed - Boring Lunch Fixers

After navigating the tricky WHSmith office maze, the team eventually located Dan and tried to sneak up on him, although rather unsuccessfully after everyone else in the office gave away their cover. And let’s not mention the bright yellow pop-up banner they were carrying along with the two large coolers filled with sandwiches.

To say that Dan was shocked and confused when the Lunch Fixers appeared next to him would be an understatement. However, this soon turned to excitement and joy as the contents of the cooler boxes were revealed. Delicious sandwiches, snacks and salads were handed over to Dan- never again would he feel the need to eat another boring lunch!

The URBAN eat Lunch Fixers didn’t just provide a revamped lunch for the nominated lunch fixee, oh no – we brought enough food to feed the surrounding colleagues too.

That’s right – URBAN eat likes lunches with a smile!

Do you know someone who needs their lunch spruced up in the office? Can you no longer bear to watch someone eating the same lunch over and over again? Or simply – you think that they need some URBAN eat in their life? If the answer is yes to any of these, then click here and nominate them! Who knows we could be right there in your office!

Mission Completed - Boring Lunch Fixers