Blogger of the Month: Tofu Diaries

For our February Blogger of the Month of the year, we’ve chosen to feature Natalie, creator of The Tofu Diaries. We love vegetarian and vegan food here at URBAN Eat, that’s why we created sandwiches like the falafel and red pepper houmous wrap.

Natalie’s blog not only contains delicious vegan recipes, but there are also handy travel tips and guides for vegetarian travelling, cosmetic and ethical shopping advice and restaurant reviews!

1.What inspired you to start your blog?

A good few years ago when I was planning a big trip, I couldn’t believe how little information there was out there on travelling in those countries as a veggie. I returned from my trip determined to do something about it and start a blog. It took me a while to actually get started, and the amount of info out there has improved a lot since, but that was the original catalyst!

2.Where do you find inspiration for recipes?

Travel provides a lot of inspiration – from remaking dishes I’ve tried to veganising the ones I couldn’t. I also love nosing around different supermarkets too and finding new ingredients I’ve never seen before. We’re very lucky to have some many amazing shops like that in Leeds.

3.What is your favourite recipe in your blog and why?

It would have to be my Vegan Millionaire’s Shortbread Pie as it’s a vegan version of my all-time favourite sweet treat. The recipe also got me a place as finalist in PETA’s Great Vegan Bake-Off so it must be doing something right.

vegan millionaire shortbread

4.What would be your dream destination regarding food?

Berlin: it was great for vegan and vegetarian food ten years ago so, when I hear how good it is now, I can’t wait to visit again sometime.

5.What is your most spectacular kitchen fail?

Oh gosh, it probably happened this week! I picked up a bag of frozen cassava at the weekend and cooked it up with some sweet potato, beans and tofu to make a stew with a peanut butter sauce. Stodgy doesn’t even begin to cover the results!

6.What’s your favourite part about being Vegan?

I love how creative vegan cooking is; it encourages you to try new methods and new ingredients, which is exactly my kind of cooking. On a more personal note, I feel much more authentic to myself by living my values every single day.

We hope you find Natalie’s blog as inspirational and encouraging as we do. Visit Natalie’s; Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand Pinterest to see what sparks your interest.

Get in touch if you know any other bloggers out there who deserve a mention, simply comment below with your thoughts!