Best Free Party Games for Students

Looking for some free party games? Well, whether you’re wanting to break the ice with your new university friends in fresher’s week or adding some new games to your already accomplished repertoire, there’s nothing like a fast-paced party game to raise the tempo of a gathering. The beauty of URBAN Eat’s is that you need next to nothing to play them, just your friends.


Really get to know your university friends with this game! And it won’t cost you a penny either.

  • Get everyone into a circle
  • The first person whispers a secret question into the ear of the person sitting to their right – the stranger or more secret the better
  • The person on the right answers the question out loud – but naturally, because the question was whispered, everyone else is wondering what the answer refers to.
  • A coin is tossed in the air. If it lands heads up, the asker has to say the question out loud to the whole circle. Hopefully, the question wasn’t too embarrassing…
  • If the coin lands tails up, the asker does not have to reveal their question. Everyone is therefore left in suspense…
  • (To add some extra tension, introduce a ‘truth or dare’ system so answerer can choose whether or not the question they were asked is revealed)

Example of a question:

  • “If you had to be physically bound to one person in the circle for the rest of your life, then who would it be?”

Flip Cup

One of the more active games in this list and certainly one of the best to break the ice.

You will need: A pack of plastic cups and a table.

  • Get into two teams of even numbers
  • Line the plastic cups up in two opposite lines on the table – five on each side
  • Each person stands facing their own cup
  • The first person spins 360 degrees, places the cup on the lip of the table, then tries to flip the cup end over end to land upside down.
  • Once the person has successfully flipped their cup, the next person spins around 360 degrees and flips their cup upside down.
  • This continues down the line until one team has successfully flipped all their cups.
  • (If you like, add a forfeit at the end for the losing team.)


How’s your memory?

  • Everyone chooses a visual ‘symbol’. This is really a pose you strike, such as sticking your tongue out, grimacing, slapping your cheeks, or anything memorable.
  • Everyone does their symbol and shows it to the group. Try to remember everyone’s symbol
  • Then everyone starts drumming on the table to build suspense.
  • The person nominated to go first does their own symbol, then does another member of the group’s at random.
  • Whoever’s symbol was chosen then does their own symbol and another member of the group’s.
  • Keep on your toes for when your symbol appears!
  • The cycle continues until someone messes up.

Remember that the rules for all these games are only guidelines, so feel free to chop and change them to suit the group you’re in and the atmosphere of the party. Once everyone has the basic principle, make the game your own. Enjoy!