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Guide to BBQ Sauce Recipes

Welcome back to another mashup! This time we’re looking at the world of BBQ sauces.

BBQ Sauce (noun) in its natural habitat it can found in a kitchen cupboard or fridge (cue debate – if purchased from a store) and it’ll occasionally venture outside into the garden to take part in the seasonal event called a BBQ. However it can be easily created with ingredients that can be found in your cupboards too!

1. The humble BBQ sauce

homemade bbq sauce

Photo Credit: Food Network

The traditional BBQ sauce is everyone’s favourite probably because as it is versatile even though it’s such a simple flavour with grilled meats it’ll still make them taste delicious! Check out the marinade recipe here.


2. Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

mustard bbq saucePhoto Credit: Self Proclaimed Foodie

  • Lover of Mustard ✓
  • Lover of BBQ sauce ✓

Well if you’ve ticked those boxes, I have – you are going to love this condiment recipe – it features all the usual flavours of a smoky but sweet BBQ sauce with the addition of mustard it’ll give a kick ensuring the meaty flavours are enhanced! Find the recipe here.


3. White BBQ Sauce

fried chicken blue cheese saucePhoto Credit: Call Me PMC

Nope that is definitely not sour cream (although sour cream is another favourite) – this little number is packed with pepper to give it kick with the mayonnaise giving it a tangy flavour mmm yummy.

It looks more like a condiment than a marinade, but check out the recipe here!


4. Roasted Rhubarb BBQ sauce

fancy bbq sauce

Photo Credit: Let’s Dish Recipes

Yes you did read the title of this sauce correctly – who knew rhubarb could be made into a BBQ sauce? Well now you do it does sound mightily tasty though! The recipe may be slightly spicy as it does feature the ingredient of chilli powder and cayenne pepper so probably not for the little ones!


5. Blueberry BBQ sauce

pouring out of jar

Photo Credit: All Recipes

Strawberries with chicken and now blueberries with a BBQ whatever will be next I hear you cry!

Be careful of it burning a little too quickly because of the sugars found within when you’re giving it a go yourself.

You can find the recipe here


6. Guinness BBQ Sauce

bbq sauce in jar

Photo Credit: Cooking with Curls

What else goes well with a BBQ? Beer.

This recipe looks at incorporating beer into the sauce so it’ll definitely be flavourful – also this recipe is the quickest one to make, with it only taking 30-40 minutes that’s like an instant BBQ sauce!


7. Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey BBQ sauce

bbq sauce in jar

Photo Credit: Creative Culinary

If Guinness isn’t your thing, how about Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey? I know a lot of people are and I think this BBQ sauce must be even better.

It’s fine, there’s no need to thank me for this find – recipe over here.


8. Tahini BBQ Sauce

tahini bbq sauce

Photo Credit: Veggies Don’t Bite

Oil Free! Gluten Free! Vegan Friendly!

Do I need to shout more about this…? Maybe?

This would be perfect for those who want an extra option for your vegan friends on their BBQ Pulled Cauliflower Burger we featured in our last BBQ blog.


9. Korean BBQ Sauce

korean bbq saucePhoto Credit: Little Spice Jar

Korean food is indeed trending in the world of food. So why not have a go at making this Korean BBQ sauce? Packed with ginger, red pepper flakes and sriracha it’s bound to turn the heat up of any BBQ!


10. Peach BBQ Sauce

interesting bbq sauce

Photo Credit: Vanilla Garlic

Another fruity number for you a peach BBQ sauce, as a lover of anything remotely peachy I’m definitely going to give this one a try! Although rather than this being more of a dipping sauce it will be a marinade and a very tasty marinade at that!


Bonus: Apple & Bacon BBQ Sauce

ribs and bbq sauce

Photo Credit: Fine Cooking

Of course I’d have to find a way to incorporate bacon into a BBQ sauce – after all it is bacon also accompanied by apple and we all know how well pork and apple work together.  Plus together this is bound to win over anyone. Recipe is here.

And there we have it – BBQ sauce galore, who knew that from the traditional BBQ sauce there are so many variations. We’re definitely going to be trying some of these out at our next BBQ because they’re so easy to make! What’s your favourite BBQ sauce recipe? Let us know through Facebook or Twitter!