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8 Awesome Pet Costume Ideas for Dress Your Pet Day

Hello all!

Rebecca here, hope you’’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Now that’s put aside can we welcome with warm hugs ‘Dress Your Pet Day’. The term ‘Yes’ should be very much the answer (just in case you were considering anything else).

So I’’m back with a short and sweet blog post to celebrate the day and you won’’t believe how much fun I’’ve had looking at pet costume ideas; this is probably my favourite post yet! Ah who am I kidding, you probably can believe it and I bet you’’re all very jealous of my current job role… Anyway onwards to the pet clothing – here are a few of my favourite pet costume ideas. They’’re certainly going to make your day brighter!

    1. ““I sense Cat has been causing trouble in Pawtham city.””

If you want your dogs to feel like superheroes, I’’ve found a Batman costume for dogs on Amazon which can be found here. While the majority of pets look embarrassed about what they’’ve been dressed in these two look fairly proud, maybe with great cape comes great responsibility?

    1. ““This is the seal-iest thing I’’ve ever worn.”” says Pug.

Pugs always look disappointed when they’’re forced to play dress-upprobably with their owners.
Apologies on the seal pun… I couldn’t resist.

    1. ““No you’’ve mistaken me for a hedgehog; I’m very much a dinosaur…”…”

I suppose the name ‘Spike’ would be appropriate for both really? While a hedgehog may seem super prickly it doesn’’t stop me from going “aww” and wanting to hug it.

    1. ““You ain’’t nothin’’ but a hound dog.””

Well that’s fitting, isn’’t it?

    1. Does my bum look big in this?

Can we just appreciate how photogenic these guinea pigs are? Professional guinea pig models in the making? Perhaps.

    1. “”Oh hai!” “says this photogenic bee-var *winks*

Not entirely sure if it’s legal to have a beaver as a pet, but I didn’’t look into all of that. Justut look how happy he looks in his little pet costume.

    1. Manny the Frenchie

Here’’s Manny the French Bull Dog in a little penguin costume while he goes on a shopping spree. If you’’ve been won over by Manny you can find him on Twitter and Instagram.

    1. ““They said that I could be anything…””
      ““So I became a Christmas tree, a cupcake, a rabbit, a dinosaur and a cheeseburger”… also I’’d like to say well done to the person who knitted these all!”


Oh and here’’s a few more of my favourites. If I was to list them all you’d be scrolling for a while.
Well that’s all of them: guess I better get back to doing some work, oh look it’s time for lunch… what pet costume will you choose for dress your pet day? Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter!