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7 Must Have Strawberry Food Combinations For Wimbledon

Well if I was funny, I’d probably start this post off with a witty joke about Wimbledon and strawberries. But alas I’m not… so welcome back to another mash up featuring strawberry food combinations all in honour of Wimbledon.

If you’re not fancying the classic combo of strawberries and cream, I don’t blame you, especially if you’re hanging out at centre court just tucking into it the said treat – you may want to swap it out for something more interesting BUT equally tasty.

    1. Strawberry Salad

wimbledon salad strawberrys and cucumber

Photo Credit: Housewife in Training Files

We all know the age old pairing of strawberries and balsamic vinegar working wonderfully together. And if not… now you do – I suggest you try it out it’ll be awesome! So from that you’ll know full well that strawberries aren’t just desserts.  And if you’re not quite ready to try strawberries and vinegar give this cucumber, strawberry & poppy seed salad a whirl.

      2. Strawberry Bark

strawberry and yoghurt bark

Photo Credit: Hello Wonderful

Strawberry yoghurt is one of my favourite flavours, aside from toffee. But this little strawberry and yoghurt combination is a much healthier snack version of the strawberry and chocolate bark, there’s also a white chocolate version – basically if you put your mind to it there are lots of variations on this but as we all know, yoghurt is much healthier than chocolate because of all the good bacteria inside it!

      3. Strawberry AND Rhubarb jam

strawberry and rhubarb jam

Photo Credit: Mountain Mama Cooks

If you’ve never had the need to make jam, then maybe this tasty recipe will get you in the mood to make some? I’m a lover of strawberry jam, on toast, on a croissant, on a crumpet…everything.

This recipe does also feature rhubarb in the recipe, while rhubarb does appear mid spring; June is the optimum time to be eating them!

4. Strawberry AND Basil Butter

strawberry and basil spread

Photo Credit: Wine and Glue

On with the spreads theme, here we have strawberry and basil butter. And apparently it works? I assume it would because strawberry and basil will be found next to each other in salads featuring fruit. A good pairing for this butter is Lemon Pudding Bread, so try your hand at making that too I guess?

  5. Strawberry Salsa

strawberry salsa

Photo Credit: California Strawberries

Say goodbye to your usual salsas featuring just tomatoes this one has strawberries in!

Who knew that you could have a strawberry salsa, this one is particularly nice with fish tacos well that is what the recipe suggests. Also it’ll add a refreshing kick with any dish as it features cucumber and some chopped up jalapenos too.

6. Strawberry Chicken

strawberry and chicken

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Didn’t think strawberries could work with chicken? Well you’d be surprised with the addition of strawberry to the chipotle that features within this recipe it means that the sauce that coats the chicken will be the perfect combo of sweet and spicy – plus it’ll give it a fantastic colouring.

I’ve also been scrolling through the comments and there has been some debate of whether raspberries and blueberries would work. Could you imagine the colouring on the chicken if you used blueberries? Magic.

7. Strawberry Sandwich

strawberry sandwich

Photo Credit: The Simple Lens

Rebecca, a strawberry sandwich just consists of a jam sandwich right? Well reader, you are wrong. As this recipe calls for the use of actual strawberries that haven’t been cooked to a tasty pulp!

This sandwich features basil and cheese too (See I told you basil and strawberries were always seen together!) Plus it’d be a taste sensation, as it’d be a sweet and savoury cheese toastie.

Here are a couple of things that we’d pair strawberries with, how do you eat your strawberries? Dipped in Nutella, on a cheesecake, in a fruit salad?

Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter or Facebook!