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7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make in 2015

With Mother’s Day round the corner, and me being the one who likes to get stuck in with the arts and crafts, I’ve compiled a list of 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas to make this year.

Make sure you prepare your area before getting started as some of these crafts can get a bit messy.
Beautiful DIY Mother’s Day presents here we go:


  • Glitter Candles

Glitter candles DIY

(Via Brunch at Saks)

If I didn’t include glitter at all within this post, then it simply wouldn’t be my post. I love glitter and it makes everything look so much prettier! If your mum loves sparkly things and burning those scented candles then this would be right up her street. Using Mod Podge technique, you can create these glitter covered candle holders which are quick and easy to make, and create a stunning present that every mother will appreciate.

  •  Instagram Mini-Album

instagram photo album diy

(Via Polka Dot Chair)

If you’re like me and use Instagram mainly to share #food and #shamelessselfies, then this may not be the gift for your mum (unless she likes your selfies and food posts). But for those who like to capture those family moments, make a mini album for your mum with all your favourite pictures of you together! I always love a good photo album – there’s something great about having a physical copy of the photos rather than just seeing them on the screen. I’ve also found this company called Polargram that can help you print off your Instagram photos and shipping is free, bargain!

  •  Vanilla Rose Scrub

diy body scrub mothers day present idea

(Via A Pumpkin and A Princess)

I know for a fact that whenever I go home to my mum, she spoils me with lots of goodies like chocolate, my favourite home-cooked meals, brings me tea in the mornings and runs me baths with lots of bubbles! But Mother’s Day is the day where you should return the favour ad make your mum feel spoilt and pampered. The instructions to this vanilla rose sugar scrub look simple, so you don’t have to be too artistic to get it right, and you will probably find most of the ingredients at your local supermarket.

  • Photo Coasters

mothers day diy gifts

(Via Pop Sugar)

I always think personalised coasters are great because they’ll actually mean something to the person that you’re giving them to. I suppose considering its Mother’s day it could be an idea to dig out some great photos of you as a kid (i.e. pulling a silly face, or when your taste in fashion was dictated by your mum) or you could throw in some more recent photos of you and your beloved mum.

  • Bouquet of Flowers

mothers day diy gift idea

(Via Rust and Sunshine)

Flowers are expensive and never last for more than two weeks before they start looking a bit droopy. So why not show your mum some love by making these flowers out of tissue paper that will last forever! Just don’t water them because they may go a bit soggy…

  • Rose Neapolitan Spritz Cookies

rose cookies

(Via I Am Baker)

If your mum has a sweet tooth, and you’re a pretty ‘decent’ baker like me (I use the term loosely) maybe you can try your hand at making these? The recipe is easy to follow and if you don’t want to pay for the shipping for the strawberry extract, maybe you could use some pureed strawberries instead…That’s kind of similar right?

  • Potpourri

potpourri mothers day diy gifts

(Via Pop Sugar)

I’m pretty sure most mums will have some form of potpourri in their house; my mum certainly does – so why don’t you contribute to the endless supply of potpourri by making some yourself? This does take a little bit of patience as it requires some baking (if you’re planning on doing this with your child, make sure you do all the parts requiring an oven). It’s a simple idea that results in a beautifully coloured, fancy looking bowl of potpourri.

  • Other Ideas


Sometimes material gifts aren’t the only way to show your mum that you appreciate her – small gestures like hugs, making cups of tea, cooking a meal or doing the housework can make her extremely happy too! Here’s a list of some extra ideas that will make you mum feel special this Mother’s day.

So here are my 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas to make this year, if you’re going for extra brownie points why don’t you try your hand at making all 5! Or actually bake some brownies… mmm chocolate.

What are you getting your mum for Mother’s day? Are you making a present this year? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook!