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The 5 Scariest Homemade Halloween Decorations

With Halloween just around the corner, we are getting very excited about the day here at URBAN eat. We have been hastily buying our Pumpkins and carving tools ready to beat the rush for any last minute shortages that may occur.

We have decided to compile our 5 scariest homemade Halloween decorations for the ultimate fright night at your haunted house.


1. Spooky Eyes in the Bushes

Spooky eyes


Image source: www.frugalupstate.com

So at the beginning of every monster horror film, you will no doubt find the creepy eyes watching the poor victims from the bushes. How can you create this same effect in your garden you ask? Simple:

What you need: Black paint, 5 small cardboard tubes, 5 glow in the dark sticks (the thick camping style ones), sticky tape and scissors

  1. Grab 5 empty cardboard tubes that you no doubt have lying around
  2. Cut two eye shapes into each tube
  3. Either paint/colour the cardboard tube in black or stain dirt onto the tube so it will easily blend in its surroundings
  4. When you are ready to set the scene, activate your glow in the dark sticks and sticky tape them to the inside of your tube.
  5. Place in the ultimate hidey places around the front/back of your house and giggle as you scare people into the approach to your house.

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2. Spider Nests

Spider Nests

Image source: pinimg.com

Spiders will no doubt make the bravest of your friends cringe when the think of 8 bent legs slowly crawling up their neck… (Shudders!) So we have the ultimate spine tingle with these beautiful creations.

What you need: 9 pairs of white opaque tights, 3 large oranges, five bundles of spiders, superglue, a needle and some string.

  1. Cut your pairs of tights in half so you have 18 stockings
  2. Cut these tights to just below the garter line
  3. Split into 3 piles of 6 stockings
  4. Put an orange within the first stocking of each pile
  5. Put another stocking on and put 3 spiders on layer – repeat until last layer
  6. On the last layer, superglue lots of spiders crawling around your nest
  7. Dangle a spider from the nest using string that you have threaded through the nest itself to attach it.
  8. Pin up on the ceiling and watch your guests jump in fright – the longer you make them, the more likely people will walk into them and scare themselves


3. Hallway Lanterns

Hallway Lanterns

Image Source: lushome.com

Incredibly simple to make your home look a little more gothic and creepy in comparison to your usual lighting arrangements.

What you need: 10 or more old metal ladles with a hook on the end – please note, plastic may melt. Tealights, black paint, sandpaper and something to light your candles with.

  1. Paint your ladles black and when dry, use some sandpaper to scratch the metal up a bit to make your ladles look a little more vintage
  2. Hang them around the house accordingly with a tealight in each one. You can use electric tealights one too which will not need supervision when lit.
  3. Party time! Turn off the lights and light your candles accordingly! Be careful not to leave naked flames unattended and be sure to check on them to ensure they don’t go out and leave your guests in the dark (intentionally)

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4. Pickled Family


Image Source: pinterest.com

Whilst having family photos around the house are lovely, they can ruin any spooky mood you do try to create. So we have found this ingenious way to replace your loved ones whilst still displaying them – it does may for a little bit of fun too!

What you need: 4 or 5 large jars, paper, scissors, a printer, sealable food storage bag, vinegar or brown liquids such as apple juice, family members, a camera and a window.

  1. Gather the family together and get each member to push their face up on the glass of a window, whilst taking a picture from the other side. Ensure each member pulls a truly unique face to boast at the same time too.
  2. Once this is done, print the photos to about an A5 size and cut out – placing each one in its own food bag and make sure the image is sealed tight.
  3. Place one inside each glass jar you have, and push the image up against the glass to make the face look squashed in.
  4. Pour your brown liquid in the glass
  5. Seal the jar up and position around the house instead of your nice family photos and be prepared to shock guests with these creative photos – it’s the little things right?


5. The Ring Girl

Ring Girl

Image Source: pinimg.com

If you want to ultimately scare your guests be sure to recreate the girl that creeps the end of the hallway in the dark with no face – or any other features… as it just watches guests pass it.

What you need: A long black wig, a hook, a small coat hanger, large coat hanger, some tape, a witches nose, 4 pieces white paper and a long floaty white dress

  1. Hang your large hanger from your small hanger and tape it so it’s central.
  2. Tape your nose to the bottom of the small hanger so it’s fairly central in the scheme of things.
  3. Roll up your paper to 4 long white rolls that go length ways
  4. Hang your dress from the larger coat hanger
  5. Attach the white paper rolls as arms and legs and use tape to stick them in place
  6. Place your wig on the hook of the top hanger and position so nose is just about sticking out
  7. Place your other hook on the wall and hang your girl – be sure to keep the lights dim in this corridor so she just about stands out and terrifies any unsuspecting passer-by!

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We hope you enjoyed our scary homemade Halloween decorations and if you try any, we would love to see your creations through our Facebook or Twitter pages!