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10 Good Mood Food Recipes You Will Love

Since the festive season has ended, I bet everybody’s mood has deflated like a balloon coming into the New Year. So today I bring you some ideas on how you can boost your morale during these remaining winter months with some good mood food recipes!


Teriyaki Salmon

(via Slimming Eats)

I love salmon. It’s one of my favourite good mood foods and it has lots of fatty omega 3 oils, which is great because (here comes the science part) 60% of your brain is made up of fat, so the more omega 3 oils you consume, the less chance you have of you being depressed or experiencing bad moods! Try out this Honey Teriyaki Salmon with Noodles dish for a tasty way to bring salmon into your diet.

Avacado salad with quinoa and tomatoes

(via The Garden Grazer)

Ah the humble avocado, or as Isla said in her Top 10 Eating Tips for 2015 post, the alligator pear. Similar to the salmon, the avocado has lots of fatty oils and the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin, which is great for the old brain. But the great thing about an avocado is that you don’t necessarily have to have it as a savoury meal; you can also bake with it as its creamy texture makes it a great substitute for butter. Try out this salad idea that consists of avocado, baby spinach (another mood booster so that’s a double whammy all in a salad!) and quinoa.

Bananas + Dark Chocolate

Banana and Chocolate cupcakes

(Via Carmel Moments)

After this combo you should be really happy! Although I remember when I was child, after I had a banana split, I would be happy for ages – perhaps that was just the sugar… But I have science facts as evidence; check this out: Dark chocolate releases serotonin and bananas have a lot of starchy carbohydrates and vitamin B6, which helps boost your mood too.
With this combo you can never go wrong really, soI say it’s time to get baking try some cupcakes!

Goji Berries

(Via Mind Body Green)

These are considered part of the superfood pack, and in Chinese cooking especially when we’re making tonic broths full of herbs, we use a lot of these berries; my grandma says they’re great for the eyes and health (I don’t doubt it because grandmas are full of that kind of wisdom).

I suppose the easiest way to consume these would be to add them into a smoothie. This smoothie contains a whole bunch of good mood foods – coconut milk, strawberries, bananas and of course goji berries – so it’s the perfect feelgood package

mushroom spinach tart

(Via BBC Good Food)

I’m not really a fan of mushrooms…well I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the flavour of them just not necessarily the texture and everything else. That doesn’t stop them being great mood boosters though. When exposed to sunlight, these guys generate lots of Vitamin D which helps keep your spirits up – even if you’re struggling with that icky texture! The recipe features mushrooms and baby spinach, which also helps to increase happiness levels. Eggs are also a part of the recipe and they’re an excellent source of Vitamin D.

Greek Yoghurt
Frozon Yoghurt with pomegranate

(Via May I Have That Recipe)

I’m currently having a phase of eating Greek yoghurt with fruit and a dollop of honey. To be honest, I think it’s mostly a “Look how healthy I am – well done me” kinda thing, but it turns out Greek yoghurt is also a mood booster as it has twice the amount of protein as normal yoghurts. So, why not follow in my footsteps of eating yoghurt and fruit, or if you’re looking for something more adventurous you could also try out this Frozen Greek Yogurt and Pomegranate Bites recipe which looks pretty good!

Tofu and cauliflower rice

(Via Minimalist Baker)

Ah tofu, so simple, and so often ignored by us meat eaters… or is that just me?
Anyway tofu is great at boosting mood due to the fact it’s super high in protein, which helps the neurotransmitters function better. As it’s not too exciting I’ve found an action packed recipe to add a bit of glamour. No excuse to ignore it now!

Chicken and Turkey
Turkey or Chicken left over meal pie with mushrooms

(Via Rock Recipes)

I thought I would throw this in here. I’m not sure how many of you have turkey leftover from Christmas, but if you do guess what: it’s a good mood food too! Both these birds contain the hormone tyrosine which helps to make adrenaline and serotonin. So try out this Turkey and Mushroom turnover recipe to get your festive spirit back. (Move the hyperlink to the name of the recipe)

Cherry Tomatoes
Tomatoe pasta easy

(Via Oh Sweet Basil)

I have a funny thing about tomatoes. I don’t particularly like to eat them raw, so having them in salads is a no-no. On the other hand, when they’re cooked I’ll happily eat them all.

Cherry tomatoes are considered a good mood food because they contain lots of the phytonutrient lycopene which helps to reduce some of the compounds linked to bad moods. So why not pick up some toms and use them in this cherry tomato and basil angel hair pasta recipe, which only takes 20 minutes.

Canned Tuna
Tuna and Kale Soup

(Via Closet Cooking)

Not the most glamourous of foods, but often a student staple (I know of it well), Canned Tuna is really versatile and contains lots of Vitamin D. So why not pick up some kale (which seems to be the hippest leaf around at the moment) and put it together with the tuna in this awesome Tuna, White bean and Kale soup. Not only will it perk you up, it’ll also keep you warm during these long, cold winter nights.

Thanks for reading and remember to share with us your favourite good mood food recipes on Twitter or Facebook!