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10 Easy Recipes For Kids On Summer Holidays

With the summer holidays upon us, it means all school children are on holiday and we believe it’s the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen! All of us have those childhood memories of the triumphs and not-so-triumphs in the kitchen and at URBAN eat, we feel a responsibility to give you some fun and easy recipes for kids to occupy those long summer afternoons with some little ones.

We’ve compiled 10 different recipes to try out in the kitchen. (Warning – Just remember the more fun it is the messier it will be!)

1. Easy Meatballs

Spaghetti Bolognaise

This is an easy dinner idea which looks as fun to make as it does tasty to eat! Any recipe that lets you squeeze ingredients with your hands in a bowl, gets instant thumbs up from us. But please note – be sure to have goggles handy when grating the onions as it’s a good giggle and prevents waterworks.


2. Mini Pizzas 

food to make with children mini pizza

Nearly as fun as squeezing mince, spinning dough makes this one of our favourite recipes for kids! It’s a super fun and tasty way to fill a couple hours but be warned, flour will go everywhere! Pizzas are also great fun as you can turn each pizza into its own character – maybe a bunny or even a smiley face!


3. Salmon Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes food to make with children


These yummy fish cakes are a great way to get hands on and make a tasty dinner – prefect served with sweet potato wedges.


4. Greek Vegetable Kebabs

Jamie Oliver Kebabs

These vegetable kebabs are the perfect afternoon snack for hungry little mouths to munch on! You can vary the vegetables and garnishing for the ultimate healthy snack.


5. Easy Cheesy Frittata

Cheese Frittata with ham

This yummy creation can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner and in between! Serve with lashings of ketchup for the ultimate happy child.


6. Cheesy Roll-Ups

Cheese bread rolls swirls

This recipe teaches little ones how to make dough and you could be creative with your shapes instead of going for the standard swirl?! We think stars, butterfly swirls and many more fun children inspired shapes.


7. Sweetie Rocky Road

Rocky Road Cook with kids

These delicious treats are simple to make and require no baking – just chiller time. After your little helpers put the tray in the fridge, they have just enough time licking the pan clean before the rocky road is ready. These can also be made slightly healthier by removing sweets and adding dried fruit instead.


8. Red Currant Fairy Cakes

red cup cakes with redcurrant

These cute little cupcakes are the perfect afternoon filler for those lazy afternoons of summer nothing-to-do-ness. You could vary the topping to use strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, which also means you can spend another fun afternoon fruit picking and showing your children where their fruit actually comes from!


9. Gingerbread Men 

Gingerbread man and gingerbread woman

These timeless classics are great for many occasions! Each gingerbread person can be given their own personality so great for making bake size miniatures of the family for an afternoon full of giggles (and embarrassment from adults too of course).


10 Rice Krispie Cakes

rice crispie cakes

Last but not least, we have the classic rice krispie cake – each child must experience the gooey fun involved with making these. Be sure to allow time to lick the spoon and bowl clean as well as allowing for many chocolatey related giggles as the chocolate just gets everywhere! For other ideas on some tasty treats check out our previous blog ‘14 Awesome S’mores Ideas You Need To Try!‘.


We hope this blog has helped to inspire you with summer creativity in the kitchen, and would love to see any recipes for kids you may have by sending us pictures through our Twitter or Facebook pages.