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10 Decadent Brownie Recipes for Brownie Day

Hello again! Happy Brownie Day

To Celebrate ‘’Brownie’’ Day, I have put together a list of the most decadent brownie recipes for me to try out! I’’m kidding this list is mainly for you to try out considering I’’ve tried a couple of them out already! Serve them all with a glass of milk (but I don’’t suggest this if you’’re lactose intolerant… opt for soy milk).

1. Basic Brownies
(Via Worldsbestrecipes4u)

So before we get exciting with our decadent brownie recipes – let’’s start off with your basic brownie! Even though this is your standard recipe for a brownie it doesn’’t stop it from being a highly rich and indulgent treat. And when it comes to brownies, the richer the better.

2. Nutella Brownies
(Via Babble)

I love Nutella so much so that I have a tendency to eat it straight from the jar… (We’’ve all been there don’’t try and deny it –-if you haven’’t done that then my apologies, but you’’re missing out!)
So when I came across Nutella brownies I got super excited as it’’s combining my 2 favourite things –-Also if you’’re gluten intolerant and miss eating brownies this may be just the recipe for you!
There is also a flour included version which can be found here.

3. Oreo Brownies
(Via Sugarandsnapshots)

I like Oreos, but I don’’t do the whole ‘’twist it, lick it, dunk it’’ thing because that process takes up time between my current Oreo and the next one I intend on eating. If you couldn’’t tell by now that I have a sweet tooth then…… I’’ve been disguising it well! But yes I do have an extremely sweet tooth which is why Oreo brownies have made it onto my list as someone has kindly combined the two.

4. Rocky Road Brownies
(Via Six Sisters’ Stuff)

I’’m not much of a fan of marshmallows which is whym when I do get rocky road, I have a tendency to pick the marshmalows out. But for those who have an even sweeter tooth and enjoy indulging in the naughty things in life check out this ‘’bad’’ brownie.

5. Peanut Butter Brownies
(Via BBC Good Food / My Instagram)

The combination of sweet & saltiness in this brownie is so good. Plus I’’m a big fan of peanut butter – so when there’’s a recipe combining the two it’’s a definite “Ooh I’’ve got to try this out!” and I did as you can see on the right. Although I did run out of chocolate so I couldn’’t do the whole artistic side of drizzling chocolate over the brownie – definitely on the list of: Make me again.

6. Caramel Brownies

(Via iheartnaptime)

Everyone that knows me will know I love caramel, if there’’s an option for caramel I’’ll take it. That is also applicable to brownies and this will definitely hit the spot if you’’ve got a sweet tooth. I have yet to try this out but it’’s definitely one on the to-bake list.

7. White Chocolate Banana Brownies
(Via backforseconds)

What! They’’re not brownies….I hear you exclaim – oh but they are and I really want to attempt this because I love bananas and I love white chocolate. Nothing could possibly be wrong with this!
Unless you’’re not a fan of either then in that case avoid this recipe.

8. Brownie in a mug cup
(Via Number2pencil)

I have also attempted this mainly because I wanted a small chocolate fix… at midnight.
Really quick, super easy and doesn’’t take as long as normal brownies take to cook – not that they take very long either but the option of having a quick brownie fix is there.

9. Twix Brownies
(Via Eatthisup)

Sometimes I just get a craving for a Twix, and sometimes I get a craving for a brownie oozing chocolatey goodness.
So really when that does happen this would seem like a sensible thing to make wouldn’’t it?

10. Salted Caramel & Pecan Brownies
(Via Averiecooks)

It’’s autumn! Flavours of salted caramel & pecans are trending once again – if you haven’’t noticed with the new Costa and Starbucks menu! So why not incorporate them into a brownie (even though brownies are suitable all year round……).

That’’s it, 10 decadent brownie recipes that I want to try/the ones I suggest you should make, once you’’ve made them it’’d be great if you could share pictures with me so I can see via Facebook or Twitter! Also if you’’ve got any tips on how to make brownies super gooey let me know!