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The 10 Craziest & Best Chicken Recipes We Could Find

Here at URBAN eat, we love finding new recipes! Whether it be new takes on traditional recipes or new recipes that no-one has ever heard of before, we love it. So to celebrate the beginning of National Chicken Month we would like to celebrate by sharing our Top 10 craziest & best chicken recipe mash ups we have tried!

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

So it’s everyone favourite dinner… but as a casserole! A very English take on a Mexican dish, served with lashings of sour cream or yoghurt and as many Mexican sides as you can find!

Chicken enchilada casserole

Image source: Blogspot

Oriental Chicken Salad

We all know chicken goes well in a salad, but have you ever thought about turning your favourite Chinese dinner into a salad? Adding your favourite leaves and plenty of different flavours will make this lunch one you’ll never forget!

chicken noodle salad

Image source: BBC

Chicken strips with BBQ Bacon Cheddar Dipping Sauce

Chicken sticks usually go well with BBQ sauce but have you ever mixed bbq sauce with bacon and cheese and thought it would go well with chicken? Well it does, and it’s so tasty because it’s the perfect meaty gorge…

Chicken strips with BBQ bacon and cheddar

Image source: Oh Sweet Basil

7-UP Marinade for Chicken

We have brought you a Guinness and a Jack Daniels BBQ sauce recipe in the past, so this 7-UP should be no surprise – so simple to make as well! You’ll be amazed and it’s totally something you could make your friends and surprise them with!

Marinated Chicken

Image source: Chef in Training

Chicken Chilli

So we are used to having beautifully tender steak chunks or beef with this dinner, but have you ever tried chicken chilli? We have and it’s definitely a game changer when planning to cook chilli. For even better results be sure to slow cook this meal for the best chicken ever.

Chilli con carne with Chicken

Image source: Simply Scratch

Maple Chicken N’ Ribs

Before this discovery, maple sauce was always reserved for giant stack of pancakes with a side of crispy bacon. But know we know you can turn this iconic breakfast into a delightful dinner which just makes it awesome!

Chicken and Ribs in Maple syrup

Image source: Nigella

Beer Butt Chicken

This recipe is a great way to entertain guests as it’s such a funny way to cook a chicken!

Beer Butt Chicken

Image source: Jamie Oliver

Cajun Chicken & Pineapple Burger

You read that right… pineapple with chicken in a burger! We thought this crazy till we tried it and one word… WOW!

Chicken and Pineapple Burger Cajun food

Image source: BBC Good Food

Chicken, Sausage & Prawn Jambalaya

Chicken Jambalaya is one of those solid dinners in most households, but have you ever combined chicken with sausages and prawns in one dish? This yummy dish is full of different flavours and is definitely one to shout about!

Jambalaya Chicken Sausage and Prawn rice dish

Image source: Jamie Oliver

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

We all love a classic chicken pizza and this one is just amazing! Making a Pizza from scratch is always fun and with these toppings eating it will be just as rewarding.

Chicken Pizza

Image source: Buns in my oven

Do you have any weird chicken recipe combinations that taste good we need to hear about? Get in touch via the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter and let us know.