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10 Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Bats, ghosts, vampires and zombies – what do they have in common? They’re all fairly scary and they all appear on Halloween! It’s Halloween this Friday and to kick off the run up, I’ve been trawling the internet to find great cheap and easy DIY Halloween costumes. So, if you’re anything like me (not very inventive, but still keen to get involved with the Halloween spirit), then you’re in for a treat (or trick)! I’m going to share my top 10 cheap and easy favourites for last minute DIY costumes!


  • As Halloween’s a pretty sticky situ for costumes let’s start with this

I’m not sure how many of you would have a white tracksuit…but I’m sure you’d have separate white bottoms & top! If not you could probably pick some up from Primark, then grab yourself some black tape to mark out the body, cut out a circle from cardboard, make some eye holes and attach it to your face. And voila you’re ready to party! If going with a friend you could also get them to dress up as a pencil! #justathought


  • Has there ever bean groovier confectionary?

Do you ever ponder what life would be like if you were a jelly bean? If the answer is ‘No’ then maybe this isn’t the costume for you… but for those who screamed ‘Yes’, Halloween could in fact be the holiday for you –. This is a really easy Halloween costume as all it needs is a clear bin bag and lots of balloons. Also maybe print off the Jelly Bean logo and stick it onto yourself then you’re all good! When buying the bin bag and balloons you’ll probably get someone commenting “Oh are you having a party?” and you can then answer with the satisfaction of “No I’m becoming a jelly bean.” *Click Click Swish*


  • Become Athena without making a scene-a…

For those of you who don’t want to go too silly with the Halloween costume ideas, there’s always the faithful fallback costume of becoming a Greek goddess, which involves a lot of bronzer – so, hey, bonus, you’ll get that sun-kissed look down to a T. All you would need is a white bed sheet plus lots of gold accessories which you can find practically everywhere. Although for a guy you probably wouldn’t want lots of gold jewellery but you could still don the white bed sheet and gold belt round the waist – and maybe add some sandals too. Or if you guys don’t want to do that you could dress up as Zeus and have a cool beard.


  • The Spaghetti & Meat can go to the ball! (Even though there aren’t many balls around Halloween usually)

If dining out at an Italian restaurant, I would probably be the type to drop spaghetti on myself because it’s a messy dish (we’ve all been there!) … and that apparently is not okay in a restaurant, especially if you’re trying to impress people with your skills at eating spaghetti. But it’s okay spaghetti lovers because it’s Halloween and this costume gives you every right to drop spaghetti all over you! (Well makeshift spaghetti).

Put on a red t-shirt as this will act as the Bolognese sauce, wear some black bottoms and pick up some wool – specifically light brown and dark brown. Light brown for the spaghetti and dark brown so you can make some meat ball pompoms – to make it easier for you to put on and take off, be sure to attach all of it to a hat. The example above features a fork that’s made of cardboard and foil which everyone has lying around.


  • Having costume problems? Grumpy Cat probably knows how you’re feeling

If none of these are doing it for you so far, try being an internet sensation by turning yourself into a meme. Of course there are many you can pick from, I just really like the concept of this Grumpy Cat’ super easy costume. All you need is a bit of face paint, possibly some sponges to help the blending process, some cat ears, which can be picked up from most costume shops, and you’re done!!

(Disclaimer: It’s not necessary to be grumpy the whole night while you’re at a party.)


  • It’s a Saturday night let’s get a Chinese Take Out

Ah so she posts a Chinese costume (pretty stereotypical isn’t it?). I’m going to agree and say ‘Yes’ but of course I’d go there! While this is an easy costume, I suppose it would require a bit more creativity than the other DIY Halloween costumes in this list. Grab yourself a large sheet of white paper, draw on Chinese-esque style graphics then wrap it around yourself. Stick on strips of light yellow paper around the top which can act as noodles and grab yourself some chopsticks to add the finishing touch!


  • Where’s Waldo? (or Wendy)

Ahh the classic costume… At one point in our lives we will all own a red and white striped jumper.

I currently don’t, but I feel my time might come soon. Anyway this one involves no effort whatsoever – all you have to do is track down a striped jumper, possibly a matching hat and some thick rimmed glasses, and you’re good to go!


  • You can’t be sad if you’re a cupcake!

I know what you’re all thinking… you all want to be as happy as that little girl there! Well you can be! I’ve read the instructions on how to recreate this; the mother placed a lot of time into it and that’s commendable, but if I were recreating this I’d probably just use less sprinkles as she said it was highly time consuming… although I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts.

All you need is a basket, ribbons (to tie the basket on) and you could probably get away with bubble wrap for the frosting side of things. Or if you don’t fancy wearing a basket around you all evening you could just use a cardboard box that you’ve painted up.


  • This one is frankly a howler

So this year you haven’t been invited to any Halloween costume parties, and you’re planning a quiet night in. But then suddenly everything changes (as soon as you’re in a comfy position in that onesie of yours)… your phone rings and you’ve been invited to a party! You’re not prepared, you’ve got less than 20 minutes to get ready – what should you do?!

Become a ghost of course! Grab that bed sheet, cut out some eye holes and get out on that dance floor and start grooving.


  • Still not fancying costumes? Put one on a paw-table companion

Have a pet? Dress them up instead if you don’t fancy doing it yourself – plus pets always look cute when dressed up, with humans it’s sometimes hit & miss. And I’ve had plenty of misses…

And there’s my top 10 semi-effortless, cheap and easy DIY Halloween costumes! Hopefully you find some inspiration and if not you’ve still got plenty of time to find a costume, I’ll be donning a cat costume this year; well cat ears… that still counts right?

Have you ever had to create a last minute DIY costume? If so, we would love to hear from you. Just visit our Facebook or Twitter page and comment your own top costume ideas!