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10 Awesomely Unique Bacon Recipes You Have To Try

(Photo Credit: Jules Food)

Oh bacon. You crispy thing. We love the way you sizzle in the pan, crisp under the grill or cook in the oven. You can make a cooked breakfast complete, add flavour to a lasagne and you’re perfect on your own. We don’t think there is any situation that isn’t made better with bacon!

In our blog post 6 Weird Food Combinations That Taste Good we talked about Chocolate covered Bacon and that got us thinking about all of the other foods that have been enhanced by bacony goodness. Have a look our 10 unique bacon recipes below then tell us what you think.


1. Bacon Jam

bacon jam

(Photo Credit: Eat17)

Bacon Jam? That’s crazy. But it’s definitely a thing. But before you start spreading it in your sarnies;  it is more of a relish. Which means you can have it on practically everything. Cheese, Crackers and Bread – so indulge!


2. Bacon Milkshake

(Photo Credit: Adventures in Cooking)

This works just like salted caramel, with the bacon adding that saltiness to the sweetness of the milkshake. But  Before you head to your nearest fast food outlet, we think you should head to Adventures in  Cooking for the best recipe in town.


3. Bacon Taco Shells

bacon taco

(Photo Credit: Foodiggity)

Are you bored with your normal taco shells? Well after all they are just made out of flour – why have that, when you can have a shell made entirely out of bacon? If you like your bacon crispy then this is the best option for you.


4. Bacon Sushi

(Photo Credit: My Name is Yeh)

Sushi isn’t all about raw fish, you can have bacon sushi (if you make it yourself). If you have never given sushi making a go, this would be a great place to start. If you want to make this you can find the recipe here,  make sure you let us know how it went!


5. Bacon Pancakes

(Photo Credit: Life with Mel)

I have had the pleasure of making bacon pancakes and they went down really well with my guests who found the concept both wrong (at first) but so right once they started digging in. Plus I served them with maple syrup too, definitely a weekend treat though!


6. Bacon Cheeseburger Dumplings

bacon dumplings

(Photo Credit: Cooking Channel TV)

I’m used to having traditional dumplings, so bacon cheeseburger dumplings sounds very interesting. If you want to give bacon cheeseburger dumplings a chance then the recipe is here.


7. Bacon Lasagne

(Photo Credit: BBC Good Food)

Move over minced beef and traditional recipes! There’s bacon on the scene and cheese. Mmm. Someone get the garlic bread!


8. Bacon Grilled Cheese

bacon cheese sandwich

(Photo Credit: My Cooking Spot)

What’s better than normal grilled cheese? Grilled Cheese with Bacon of course!

Get your bacon just the way you like it first, before putting it with the cheese, then when you bite into it, you’ll get the gooeyness from the cheese and bacon just right.


9. Bacon Biscuits

bacon biscuits

(Photo Credit: Quericavida)

Bacon biscuits. Enough said. These follow the sweet and savoury trend going on here – they’re also relatively easy to make, proving that bacon can be enjoyed at any point of the day, anyone for tea now?


10. Bacon Popcorn

bacon popcorn

(Photo Credit: Food Network)

Funnily enough this is called Kevin Bacon popcorn. We’ve seen lots of different popcorn seasonings floating around so why wouldn’t you add bacon to your collection?

So if you’re a lover of bacon here are some great ideas. Whether it’s for breakfast or dinner, starter or desert there’s always a way to incorporate bacon into your meals!

If you’ve got any quirky or unique bacon recipes, comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter, we’d love to hear them!